Friday, March 1, 2024

The mistake Nicolas Cage would never make again? Eating live cockroaches

The mistake Nicolas Cage would never make again?  Eating live cockroaches

Promoting Renfield with setmate Nicholas Hoult, Nicholas Cage says what he regrets most is eating two live cockroaches on the set of Vampire Stress

Since Nicholas Cage he is the Hollywood actor that almost everyone is talking about today, mainly because of the Dracula he plays in the horror comedy Renfieldon the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola the most disparate news come out. Today, for example, someone says that ours has had the opportunity to taste no less than two real cockroaches, which however, nowadays, he certainly wouldn’t do again.

Nicolas Cage swallowed two real cockroaches

Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment, Nicholas Cage he explained that one of the things he regrets doing in his life was putting cockroaches in his mouth while filming the horror film vampire stress, from 1988. “I will never do it again” – he said. “I’m sorry I did.”

In vampire stress Cage plays a literary critic who becomes convinced that he has been turned into a vampire. In one scene of the film the actor was supposed to swallow a raw egg, but he insisted on replacing it with a couple of cockroaches. In the commentary on the DVD edition of the film, Nicolas explains: “I considered it a business decision, because when people see the cockroach entering my mouth, they are blown away.”

Nicholas Hoult ate fake cockroaches

In Renfield it is not Nicholas Cage to eat cockroaches but Nicholas Hoult, only this time it wasn’t real bugs. “The cockroaches were caramel” – he specified Hoult, also at Yahoo Entertainment. “I also had some crickets which were delicious. They were salt and vinegar, and bacon flavored.”

Nicholas once he ate a Colorado potato beetle” – he intervened Cage – “so it went to a higher level. Colorado beetles horrify me, and cockroaches too”. “Do you want to know what a Colorado potato beetle tastes like?” – he resumed Hoult. “Not good. She didn’t dry properly, so she just tasted like a bug.”

To those who do not know what a Colorado potato beetle is, we want to explain that it is a type of beetle that mainly attacks potato plants.

Speaking of cockroaches, Nicholas Cage he was keen to underline that eating them would mean solving a problem of primary importance for the planet:

You could free yourself from your phobia of eating bugs and solve the problem of world hunger. Lots of protein, no fat, great nutrients, plenty. There are them everywhere! But no, it won’t happen again.

But… then for Nicholas Cage it’s just a matter of “crap”. The actor would not eat cockroaches and the like again not because he would kill an animal species, but because he is horrified by them. Renfield arrives in our cinemas on May 25th.