Friday, March 1, 2024

Isola dei Famosi, Ilary Blasi together with Cristina Scuccia, the newly shipwrecked “I’m not a saint”

Isola dei Famosi, Ilary Blasi together with Cristina Scuccia, the newly shipwrecked "I'm not a saint"

Ilary Blasi and the meeting Cristina Scuccia, ready to participate as shipwrecked on the Isola Dei Famosi.

Ilary Blasi during the hosted a very true met Cristina Scucciaready to participate as shipwrecked allIsland of the Famous.

A debut for the former nun winner of The Voice who will get involved in the reality show weblog Mediaset leaving this evening live on Canale 5 with the first appointment.

“It is an act of unconsciousness – declared Cristina next to Ilary – Every now and then I saw Ilary while zapping, not only on the island. If I think about it, I feel crowded with fear but fears must be faced. Already from the jump … I also afraid of water, if I think of insects, of not eating. I’ll amaze you on the swimsuit, I’ll avoid the bikini because I wouldn’t feel at ease. I’ve found a solution, I’ll be composed. The important thing is to live this experience giving my best. In my opinion, when I come back I will be different again because I am experiencing it as an upgrade in my personal growth.”

There is also a lot of curiosity about the look of the It hurts and what he will decide to wear on the beaches of Honduras:

“The swimsuit? I will amaze you. I will avoid the bikini because it would not make me feel at ease, but I have found a solution that will make me feel at ease and I will wear that. I live this experience as a personal growth, my community will no longer be made up of my former sisters but from the shipwrecked. I met them and I’m happy. With the Jalisse we will see some good ones we could even do a concert. Maybe I could lose my patience, of course, I’m not a saint”.

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