Amici 22, Aaron in tears after Cristiano Malgioglio’s judgment: “You have to be an adult to sing this song”

During the fifth episode of the Evening of Friends, Aaron’s performance did not excite Cristiano Malgioglio, one of the three judges, causing the singer to cry. Here’s what happened.

The fifth installment of Evening Of Amici saw the deletion of Federica Andreani and not a few controversies, as often happens for the talent show of Channel 5 conducted by Maria De Filippi. Among the singers Aaron is one of the undisputed talents of the program, but his performance was not particularly appreciated by Cristiano Malgiogliowho harshly criticized him.

Friends 22, Aaron in tears after the judgment of Cristiano Malgioglio

In the fifth episode of the second phase of Amici 22, Aaron has sung The cure Of Franco Battiato, putting in a performance that seems to have satisfied the student, but not the judges of the program. In particular Cristiano Malgiogliowhile admitting that Rudy Zerbi’s pupil has a splendid voice, perhaps he lacks the maturity to interpret the piece:

“I’m happy that the coaches have different songs interpreted. This song is so extraordinary, emotional, beautiful, that for me it would take a great interpreter’s voice. You have a wonderful voice, I’ve always said it. Maybe in a couple of days ‘years it will be even more smoky and strong, but to sing this song you have to be an adult. He didn’t give me this push. He didn’t pass on anything to me. He’s too young to talk about love.”

The judgment of Malgioglio it was a big blow though Aaron, who burst into tears, also due to the tensions to which the students have been subjected in recent weeks. To console him was the conductor Maria De Filippibut even the judge was sorry to see him like this and asked to be able to hug him.
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Aaron however, he calmed down almost immediately and revealed that this song was very difficult for him to prepare, but he gave it his all. Also Michael Good he agreed with his colleague’s opinion, but he was keen to give the young student some advice on how to best interpret this song:

“This piece is very complicated, I believe that the skill of the interpreter is to take what you hear from that song and convey it to the listener. I think you did it in a more than dignified way, despite your young age. Then Cristiano is right and I too felt a bit of an effort. But it didn’t go badly. The time will come for you too when you will be able to tell it with the right interpretation!”

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