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Friends 22, Ramon Agnelli confesses: “It’s also a bit of my purpose to…”

Friends 22, Ramon Agnelli confesses: "It's also a bit of my purpose to..."

The opinion of the newspapers on the dancer Ramon Agnelli has been revealed.

Yesterday, Saturday 15 April 2023on Canale 5 the fifth episode of the Evening of Friends, Maria De Filippi’s talent show now in its twenty-second edition. Meanwhile, in recent days, the ballet dancer Ramon Agnelli has discovered the judgment of the critics.

Ramon Agnelli praised Amici by journalistic critics

As happened last week, the production of Amici decided to let the pupils of the school the comments of the journalistic criticism. If the two singers Cricca, Wax and Federica Andreani They were criticized for their latest performancesil dancer Ramon Agnelli received some beautiful compliments:

“Rating: translator. In “Tosca Fantasy”, I admit, he managed to make me like classical dance. And, I confess, I usually don’t understand it. It’s not nationally popular, but Ramon knows how to do it in his style” wrote Cristiana Mariani of Il Quotidiano Nazionale surprising the dancer and pupil of the teacher Alessandra Celentano.

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After I read the report card of journalists, Ramon he confessed to being happy and satisfied to have achieved his goal in Amici’s school: “Wow, thank you, beautiful comment. It’s also a bit of my goal to please all those people who put ballet in the background”.

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