Bella Ramsey Approves Interesting Fan Theory About Ellie’s Immunity

The Last of Usthe HBO TV series, has already ended for several weeks and yet continues to give rise to discussions and conjectures among fans. There are two people who deserve credit for the hugely successful TV adaptation of Naughty Dog’s video game, Craig Mazin e Neil Druckman. The creator of the video game has decided to rely on a high-profile name, the award-winning creator of Chernobyl, to succeed in the difficult mission of bringing the story of Joel and Ellie to TV. The partnership eventually proved successful, since together they managed to do justice to the beloved video game. The merits of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey should also be acknowledgedthe two interpreters who have managed to perfectly embody the spirit of Joel and Ellie.

Bella Ramsey recently commented on a theory that fans The Last of Us they elaborated on his character.

Warning: the article contains spoilers on the first season of the TV series.

In the first cycle of episodes, the audience followed Joel and Ellie’s journey to find the headquarters of the lights, during which they faced numerous infected, overcame difficulties and saw many people die. But along the way they also had the opportunity to form a strong bond and heal their wounds, being able to count on each other. While everyone has mixed opinions on Joel’s controversial decision in the finale, there’s another question fans are asking: what made Ellie immune? It is repeated several times in The Last of Us that she is the only possible salvation for humanity, because after being bitten she did not turn into an infected.

But why is it Ellie who is immune? The video game did not answer this question, but a scene from the last episode of the series may have shed some light on this mystery. In a flashback we witnessed Ellie’s birth: the young mother gave birth alone and as she was about to give birth to the young woman she was bitten by an infected. For this reason she asked her friend Marlene of her to eliminate her and bring Ellie to safety. According to a fan theory, precisely the particular circumstances in which the girl was born would have made her immune. Pretty Ramsey in an interview given for Vanity Fair commented on this hypothesis and called it “brilliant”:

I think they just solved the problem and saved the world with this theory. This is brilliant. I mean, mothers should consent and get infected, but I think there would be a good chunk of the population that would disagree.”

All episodes of the first season of The Last of Us are available on Sky (and streaming on NOW).

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