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Will Greek Salad 2 be there? What do we know

Greek Salad tv series: release, cast and streaming

Greek Salad 2, the TV series will have a second season?

Greek salad 2 it will be? The TV series directed and created by Cédric Klapisch arrived in Italy exclusively on April 14, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video. This represents the contemporary sequel to the French trilogy de The Spanish Apartment (L’Auberge Espagnole), telling the lives of the children of Wendy and Xavier, iconic characters played in the films by Romain Duris and Kelly Reilly, Tom and Mia.

Those who have already completed watching the eight episodes of the first season may be wondering if there are more planned. At this time, Amazon Studios has not expressed any plans to make another season of the series. We will probably have to wait for the first feedback, data and views provided by the audience of the series in order to receive confirmation regarding its definitive closure or its renewal.

When does Greek Salad 2 come out?

As for the release of the new episodes, if confirmed by the end of 2023, they could return to Prime Video during 2024. However, this is a hypothesis awaiting an official announcement from the platform.

Previews on Greek Salad 2

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What is the series about? Greek Salad follows siblings Mia, a free-spirited and rebellious 19-year-old who doesn’t want to be anything like her parents, and Tom, an insecure but level-headed 25-year-old, as their lives crash into each other again when they inherit a building in Athens after the death of his grandfather.

Tom flies to Athens to rekindle his turbulent relationship with his sister, but he’s not ready for the adventure he’s about to embark on. The two end up sharing an apartment with a group of people from all over Europe, but their experience is very different from their parents’ carefree life in Barcelona in the early 2000s.

Cast the Greek Salad

Also starring Aliocha Schneider (Tom) and Megan Northam (Mia), the cast of the TV series includes Kelly Reilly, Romain Duris, Aggy K. Adams, Dimitris Kitsos, Fotini Peluso, Ioanna Kolliopoulou, Josip Ledina, Reham Al Kassar, Amir Baylly and David Iachini.

Greek Salad 2 episodes

Let’s imagine the return of eight new episodes also for Greek Salad second season. Cedric Klapisch is the creator of the series, while Lola Doillon and Antoine Garceau worked with him on the writing.

Greek Salad 2 trailer, does it already exist?

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Since it has not yet been confirmed, much less filmed, at the moment there are no official clips of the second season in circulation. Here is the trailer for the premiere.

Greek Salad in streaming

In streaming, also the episodes of Greek Salad second season would continue to be available on Prime Video like those of the first season.