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The Rings of Power – Morfydd Clark talks about the criticisms of the first season: «I understand them»

Gli Anelli del Potere – Morfydd Clark parla delle critiche alla prima stagione: «Le capisco»

And The Lord of the Rings she’s born an Amazon Prime Video TV series, The Rings of Power (in original The Rings of Power), arrived on September 2, 2022.

Highly anticipated by fans of Tolkien and the franchise, even before airing the series was hit by criticism and controversy. Along the course of the episodes, public opinion was divided between those who liked the story and the characters and those who didn’t really like the series.

Of these criticisms of viewers he is well aware Morfydd Clarkinterpreter of the elf Galadriel in the Amazon TV series.

Morfydd Clark, as a fan, understands the criticism of the TV series

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the actress Morfydd Clark spoke about the criticisms that have come to the first season de The Rings of Power stating that, as a fan, he understands them.

Without mentioning any criticism in particular, Clark then says he feels “protective” towards Galadriel and how it is told in the series.


“I’m a fan of this genre, I’ve read books that have been made into television or film adaptations, and I’ve even sometimes thought to myself, ‘Oh but I don’t think that house is like that.’ So I understand them (the criticisms). The wonderful thing about these worlds and these characters is that they don’t exist, yet they do so intensely in so many minds. So I think you can’t please everyone. I know if I was on the other side, I would feel this way too. But I feel very protective (towards Galadriel). I feel quite protective of making sure she is safe from harm.”

There are several criticisms of the first season, starting with that relating to the cast: even before the series came out, some viewers complained about the presence of non-white actors in the roles of elves, hairs and dwarves.

Another criticism is related to the pace of the story, considered too slow in certain points or too rushed in others.

There was also no shortage of criticism regarding adherence (or lack of adherence) to Tolkien’s canon. Although the series is faithful to what the writer came up with, there are still deviations, for example in the timeline. Some events that take place over hundreds of years or more in the book have been compressed to all take place in a relatively short period of time in the series.

Clark is certainly right about one thing: not everyone will like the TV series.

The second season of The Rings of Power

The first season of the Amazon Prime Video series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power it has been seen by more than 100 million people worldwide.

Set in Second Age of Middle-earththe series follows the forging of the rings of power, the rings that allowed the Dark Lord Sauron to bring darkness into Middle Earth.

Amazon’s idea is to achieve five seasons. Season 2 is official and currently in the works. For the new season, the actor Ismael Cruz Córdova (interpreter of the elf Arondir) wants even more inclusiveness and representation.