Massimo Giletti receives the Golden Tapir after the suspension of Non è l’Arena: here’s what the conductor commented

After the suspension of Non è l’Arena, Striscia la Notizia awarded the Golden Tapir to Massimo Giletti. Here’s what the host commented.

Yesterday, Friday April 14, it was announced that La7 would have suspended Non è l’Arena, the program hosted by Massimo Giletti. A piece of news that has left fans and host himself upset, given the lack of notice and given that the stop will be immediate: already on Sunday 16 April the program will no longer be broadcast on La7.

Striscia la Notizia delivers the Golden Tapir to Massimo Giletti for the Non è l’Arena case

Giletti he commented to the newspaper The Republic who feels extremely sorry, because with this suspension suddenly 35 people who have worked with him over the years are out of work. The conductor is unable to explain the reasons for this suspension, because his contract expired in the summer, therefore, it was canceled well in advance. Various theories on motivation have spread, some of which spoke of an alleged rapprochement of Giletti to Rai, an event that would have alarmed the editor of La7 Urbano Cairo and would have prompted him to send away Giletti. This is what was also assumed by Valerio Staffelliwho delivered the Golden Tapir to the conductor in the last service aired for Strip the News. Ma Giletti he slammed the rumors immediately:

“And who would go to La7 in my place, Fazio? Not even the Dumas father and son could write a script like this. But Cairo is even better. Maybe he sent me away because I’m a Juventus player.”

The presenter was preparing a special on the mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro and this could also be, Staffelli speculated, the cause of the suspension of the program. To this, Giletti commented:

“Italy is not ready to listen to certain truths. It’s more convenient to keep them in the drawers.”

A few hours ago, Umberto Cairo’s first statements also arrived, via a statement to Ansa:

“Giletti hosted 194 episodes of Non è l’Arena in 6 years, where he was able to deal in total freedom with all the subjects he wanted, including those relating to the Mafia, on which he made many episodes, with as many guests as he wanted invite. I wish him to find the same unconditional freedom in his next experience on television or otherwise.”

An answer that leaves no room for a second thought or a possible happy ending for Giletti and its transmission.

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