Did Gillian Anderson’s absence slow down production on The Crown 6? The actress replies

The Crown is preparing to close the great historical drama of Netflix, which bears the signature of Peter Morgan. Considered one of the best historical TV series ever, it retraced the crucial events of the reign of Elizabeth II, recounting the accession to the throne, the moments of joy and the adversities faced by the English monarch. Filming of the last episodes is currently underway, which should show the last days of Lady Diana and stop with the story in the early 2000s. Over the years there have been several actresses who have had the difficult task of impersonating Queen Elizabeth II. The first was Claire Foy who, after the third season recasting, left the baton to Olivia Colman. In the last two seasons, however, it is Imelda Staunton the actress who is playing the sovereign in this new phase of her life. While filming is in progress, the British tabloids have circulated a rumor about the absence of an actress that she would be contacted for season 6, but would be forced to decline.

Il The Sun launched the indiscretion relating to the absence of Gillian Anderson in The Crown 6 which would throw the producers into chaos.

The British tabloid has revealed that the producers have thought about bringing back in the sixth season of the historical drama a character who had previously played a very important role in the fourth season. In The Crown 4 Gillian Anderson has, in fact, masterfully played the role of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. A source told the The Sun that English politics should have attended the big party organized for the anniversary of the golden wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. However since Gillian Anderson was busy with other projects and could not participate in the filming, she was forced to turn down this opportunity. The writers then were forced to change their plans for The Crown 6as the source explained:

Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher was met with global critical acclaim and was a major asset to The Crown. It was hoped that the actress could appear in the golden wedding scenes of the Queen, but unfortunately this was not the case due to programming problems. As is always the case with TV series, an intelligent script will ensure that viewers are not affected. But it was another blow to the producers in what has already been a fairly troubled production.

This rumor, although not supported by evidence or reliable sources, has spread like wildfire and has been reported by several sites. Gillian Anderson therefore decided to intervene to clarify that there was nothing true in that rumor. A rep for the actress let it be known to Metro That “Gillian Anderson shouldn’t have returned as Margaret Thatcher”. She was less diplomatic the star of Sex Education what up up Twitter branded this rumor as “a complete f *****a.”

Even without Gillian Anderson, we’re very curious to see how the Netflix series ends The Crown.

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