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A place in the sun today’s episode

What happens in the next episode of A Place in the Sun in onda Monday 17th April 2023? A new one is on the way week of programming for the Italian soap opera aired since 17-21 April 2023 premiered on Rai 3.

After what has been seen in the previous episodesduring the new week of A Place in the Sun we watch the episodes 61766177, 6178, 6179 e 6180. So what to expect from the first datei.e. theepisode number 6176?

Find out all the details on the new episodes of below A Place in the Sun aired in absolute premiere on Rai 3 at the new time of ore 20:50 circa.

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Previews Un Posto al Sole of 17 April 2023

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In the next installment of A Place in the Sun in onda Monday 17th April 2023 we witness the great satisfaction of Lara (Chiara Conti) in having succeeded almost perfectly in getting away Roberto (Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli) from Marina (Nina Soldano).

Is it really over between them? To make it believe is the arrival of Arnaud (Frederic Moulin), a friend of Marina’s with whom the woman decides to distract herself a bit… A moment of panic is coming instead for the poor Franco (Peppe Zarbo), who sees first-hand the possibility of losing his job.

Speaking of which, new professional challenges are on the way for Diego (Francesco Vitello) e Nuncio (Vladimir Randazzo), now struggling with the relaunch of Caff√® Vulcano ready to start again stronger than before. Among the obstacles on the horizon, however, we also find Silvia (Luisa Amatucci) who doesn’t fully trust investments.

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