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Scream 6, David Arquette admits: “Seeing the film was difficult”

Scream 6, David Arquette admits: "Seeing the film was difficult"

Actor David Arquette has admitted that seeing Scream 6, without being involved in the horror saga in which it was the protagonist, was difficult.

Scream 6, David Arquette ammette: "Seeing the film was difficult"

David Arquette admitted that see Scream 6 it was a bit difficult after what happened to Dewey Riley in the previous chapter.
The actor has been part of the horror saga since the first chapter, which arrived in theaters in the 90s, and saying goodbye to that world was not easy for the actor.

In the film Scream, which arrived in theaters in 2022, Dewey lost his life during the investigation into the new murders carried out by Ghostface who had also brought Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) back to the city.

David Arquette has now explained to Variety who saw the sequel and shared their reaction.
The actor said: “Seeing it was a little hard for me, but I also knew I wanted to see it. I loved it. And it was sad. It brought up a lot of fear of being left out“.

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Dewey has been a fan favorite of Scream since the first chapter of the story and has returned many times over the years.
The actor also met Courteney Cox on the set, with whom he married shortly before filming the third film in the saga. The couple then separated and divorced, much like their characters in later chapters of the horror story.