Friends 22, Isobel Kinnear has been on a show before as a child — here’s which one!

In this year’s Amici di Maria De Filippi class, there are several pupils who have already participated in television programs when they were little, as in the case of Isobel Kinnear. Let’s see which one!

Friends 22, Isobel Kinnear took part in a tv show when she was little!

The first rumors about the dancers have seen Megan Ria be part of the cast of Chi ha inastrato Per Pan?, while Maddalena Svevi and Samuel Segreto danced in the cast of Pequenos Gigantes, conducted in 2016 by Belen Rodriguez. But, now, comes the news that too Isobel Kinnear she took part in a tv show when she was a child.

Isobel she arrived at the school in mid-December, but she immediately captivated the public with her cheerfulness and expansive character: the Australian dancer is one of the most talented students of the school and her late arrival in the talent show was only due to her lack of knowledge of the ‘Italian. Indeed, Isobel showed up and won the auditions already at the beginning of the year, but the production was categorical: before being able to officially enter the school, the dancer had to learn the language, given that Isobel she is originally from Australia and had huge difficulties with our language. In the school, we also attended some Italian lessons for the dancer from the classmates and in case you sometimes fail to understand everything, Isobel can always count on the help of Ramon or other students, ready to lend a hand.

The dancer was one of the participants, when she was a child, in an Australian program: WinNews, where she performed as a dancer. Her passion for dance has accompanied her since she was very small and she after discovering the existence of Amici Of Maria De Filippi decided to take part, as there are no programs in Australia that offer similar opportunities to young artists.

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