Amici 22, Alessandra Celentano displaces Isobel and Maddalena: “I decided to add a difficulty to the gauntlet”

The teacher Celentano throws a particular gauntlet at the two dancers of Amici 22.

In view of fifth episode of the evening of Amici 22which will air on Saturday, April 15, the teacher Alessandra Celentano has decided to launch a special gauntlet that will see Maddalena Svevi and Isobel challenge each other. The two dancers will have the possibility of singing live during their performance.

Teacher Celentano’s special gauntlet to Amici

Tomorrow, Saturday 15 April 2023, the fifth episode of the Evening of Friends. For the occasion, Alessandra Celentano has decided to throw a new gauntlet between Maddalena and Isobel: the two dancers will compete on the musical Chicago, where the focus will be on their personality and temperament.

But that’s not all. In yesterday’s daytime of Amici 22, Maddalena and Isobel have received a new letter from Celentano. The teacher has in fact decided to add a difficulty to the gauntlet. In addition to dancing to the tune of “All That Jazz”, the two dancers will have the opportunity to sing live:

Isobel and Maddalena, I’ve decided to add a difficulty to your glove. I give you the opportunity to sing live the song of the musical Chicago, “All that Jazz”, where I did a minimal choreography. You will have the opportunity to take singing lessons related to the glove in question in order to be prepared for the performance. At the same time, since singing is not your category, I don’t want to impose the obligation, but it will be at your discretion to be able to choose the mode of performing the text by singing it live or simply the one with lypsinc.

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A proposal that displaced both Amici’s dancers. If she Isobel has revealed that she wants to try her before she decides, she Maddalena has declared that she absolutely does not want to sing live:

Of course I don’t. I know I don’t have a good voice and that’s not what I want to do. I want to concentrate on dancing. So no, I can’t do that. I also believe that if Isobel does it it won’t be fair. It’s hard in such a short time, I don’t want to do something bad. I can’t dance so well if I sing too.

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