A “tough guy” named Rod Steiger: we remember the actor with the movies you find in streaming

The protagonist of Le mani sulla città e Giù la testa was born on April 14, 1925. Here are the five streaming films that made him a cinema legend.

He was an impetuous actor, Rod Steiger. Her acting style certainly didn’t work in subtraction, her characters were expressed with energy and very often an internal conflict histrionics expressed. Knowing his strengths and above all his limits, the actor born in the state of New York on April 14, 1925 has been able to base an extraordinary career on “strong” roles, often contradictory, figures capable of telling the most tormented and dark side of the human soul. One of these was undoubtedly the protagonist de The pawnshop man (1965) by Sidney Lumet, unfortunately not available in streaming but that we absolutely want to mention. Steiger loved Italian cinema and worked with some of our most important filmmakers, as demonstrated by the five film in streaming listed below. Here, then, is the best of a filmography of sure impact, which bears witness to the almost brutal strength of a unique actor of its kind. Enjoy the reading.

Five streaming movies starring Rod Steiger

  • Hands on the city
  • Doctor Zhivago
  • …And a man came
  • Inspector Tibbs’ Hot Night
  • down the head

Hands on the City (1963)

The most political and partisan film of Francis Rosi starring a monumental Rod Steiger, politician and real estate speculator who launches an attack on Naples for his own personal interests. Golden Lion in Venice, Hands on the city it is a powerful and stormy film like its great protagonist and like a director without equal in our cinematography. Deployed, courageous, rhetorical maybe but never false. This was Rosi, this was Steiger. Incomparable. Available on CHILI, Google Play.

Doctor Zhivago (1965)

In the blockbuster weblog by David Lean Steiger manages to carve out a great performance alongside other magnificent interpreters such as Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Tom Courtenay, Alec Guinness and many others. A portentous and magniloquent film adaptation, Doctor Zhivago it made a generation of moviegoers fall in love and heartbreak. Hollywood at its best for a filmmaker who knew how to stage the greatness of the means. Several Oscars in the technical categories. Available on CHILI.

…And There Came a Man (1965)

Directed by Ermanno Olmi in one of his most heartfelt and personal films, Steiger gives the great Italian author the most contained performance of his career, in a truly difficult role. Together with Adolfo Celi does of …And a man came a heartfelt film, which reflects on the meaning of faith and religion with sincerity and intimate care. The portrait of a Pope translated from a fictitious and magnificent character, that of the intermediary who feels the weight of his task but does not run away. Fascinating and suffused film. To admire. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Inspector Tibbs’ Hot Night (1967)

The thriller that gives Steiger the Oscar for best leading actor is a controversial and fiery work, which stages the prejudices and racism of police officers in a frank and sinewy way. Next to Steiger a Sidney Poitier to be framed, with which to form a duet destined to enter the history of cinema. A great filmmaker that he was Norman Jewison directs Inspector Tibbs’ Hot Night with a sure and non-conciliatory hand. Oscar also for best film for a classic that mixes genre and civil commitment with very rare effectiveness. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Head Down (1971)

And we close with the cult title of Steiger’s career, the most political and disruptive western in Steiger’s entire filmography. Sergio Leone. With James Coburn Steiger forms a beautifully orchestrated duo, made up of contrasts and jarring alchemy. down the head swerves, chooses paths never beaten by the genre, offers an overheated and “mental” cinema, a surprising thing for Leone. Even today, a western that reserves surprises, which displaces, enigmatic and fascinating. Impossible to ignore it. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, NOW.

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