The Conjuring: The Saga expands with a series in development, but there is a big change

Warner Bros. Discovery is working on a series set in the universe of the famous horror film about the haunted house: Peter Safran and James Wan return as executive producers.

The universe of the successful horror saga The Conjuring is set to expand further with a TV series. Warner Bros. Discovery has revealed that a series based on the hit franchise is currently in development. But there is an important change. The project, while drawing inspiration from films, in fact changes direction abandoning the horror genre and moving towards drama.

The Conjuring: The first details on the TV series in development

Warner Bros. executives have yet to reveal plot details, but have confirmed that the potential series will follow up on the big-screen story presented in the 2013 film. The Conjuring – The Conjuringdove Patrick Wilson e Vera Farmiga played the spouses Warren, really existed and experts in the paranormal, and in the following The Conjuring – Il caso Enfield (2016) e The Conjuring – By order of the devil (2021). The producer of The Conjuring Peter Safran is involved as executive producer of the project while the director James Wan (who directed the very first film in the saga) is in talks to executive produce.

Altogether, along with spin-offs about the possessed doll Annabelle e The Nunall the movies of the Conjuring Universe they grossed more than 2 billion dollars all over the world. It is not clear whether the series will join or replace, at this point, the announced fourth film of the saga, a The Conjuring 4, which James Wan had previously indicated potentially as the last of the cycle.

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