Men and Women, Maria De Filippi at the study center for the clarification between Gianni Sperti and Armando Incarnato! (VIDEO

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale 5, Armando Incarnato sat down in the study center to clarify his position with Maria De Filippi and Gianni Sperti. Let’s see together what happened.

A Men and womentoday, the comparison between Armando Incarnate, Gianni Sperti e Maria De Filippi at the study center.

Men and Women, Armando Incarnato compared with Gianni Sperti and Maria De Filippi

The episode begins with a surprise: Maria De Filippi asks to Gianni Sperti to sit together at the study center to clarify with Armando Incarnatewho had dropped out of the studio after that Aurora Tropea had accused the knight of having participated in an audition for the GFVip, a statement that had made him furious and leave the broadcast. The production broadcasts the behind the scenes of that episode, in which the knight is in tears and seems very hurt by these comments. In the studio the three sit down and Armando he is already in tears, extremely hurt by what they have accused him of: he wants that Maria inform yourself because you don’t want the rumors of others to tarnish your dignity, because you have always been honest. The presenter tries to reason with him, reiterating that she trusts him and what she says. Also Gianni he admits that he has nothing against him, but it is also true that the knight accuses other people many times in the studio and that in their case they don’t have to argue.

But the knight declares that his accusations are always founded, but he also enters the discussion Aurora Tropeawith which Armando he gets furious, accusing her of being bad at telling these lies and insinuates that there are several fake profiles that have been created in the last period and which implied that he had a manager, exactly the accusation she made against him Arurora. At the end of the discussion, Gianni asks to Armando to shake his hand and asks him as the only favor not to mention his private life in the studio, because the two of them are a commentator and a knight of the parterre and will clash on issues related to the dynamics of the program, nothing else.

The knight, however, he still asks Maria to call the proper authorities to prove the truth. This request causes the annoyance of the two commentators, because they see this gesture as real blackmail towards the presenter. Maria She promises that she will, but even she admits that she finds it all over the top. Also Tina Cipollari he reproaches the knight for his attitude, because he hasn’t been accused of anything serious and indeed this way of doing is really superficial.

Space then to the classic throne with Luca Daffr√®: the tronista went outside with three suitors, Alice, Chiara e Alessandra. The first external to be shown is the one with Alice: the two boys have fun going around on a vespa and then they sit in the park to chat and the tronista admits that he feels a certain chemistry with the suitor, like he hasn’t had in a while. But also the external with Alessandra it is particularly successful, so much so that the two boys even share their first kiss. However, in the studio, Alessandra can not fail to notice that Luca he is still getting to know many girls and above all he asks the tronista what is the lightness that he has admitted to having found with Alice and that with her there is not. The tronista admits that although with Alessandra is building something, even with Alice he found an immediate feeling. The situation does not improve when the tronista finally agrees to dance with Alice. After an amusing curtain of Tina grappling with the distribution of one of the sponsors’ products which exasperated the landlady, the presenter herself asks one of the tronista’s suitors to go down to the study centre: it is Alessia, the girl with which Luca had gone out in the last few episodes. Apparently the two have a mutual friend who takes care of managing some matters concerning the suitor. In fairness, Luca told the editorial staff everything, but something in the words of this “manager” made him suspicious.

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