Men and women, a historic former lady of the throne over takes the side of Armando Incarnato

Armando Incarnate in the storm: some well-known former ladies of the throne of Men and Women take sides against him and others defend him.

Armando Incarnatein recent times, is the center of several hot topics in the dating show of Men and women which for years has seen him among the most popular and also discussed protagonists of the parterre of theover.

Men and women, ex lady defends Armando: “I saw in him the reactions I had to defend my truth”

The knight from Campania was impeached by Aurora Tropea but also from Gianni Sperti following some reports according to which, Incarnato would have a manager who takes care of his image and who also would have made auditions with the hope of participating in the Gf Vip e all’Island of the Famous

Yesterday, some known former ladies, Veronica Ursida and Pamela Berretta have cast new shadows on Armando not believing his good faith and his heartfelt and dry denials on the accusations that have been made against him. Incarnato also spoke on his social networks, reaffirming his great loyalty and deep respect for him Maria De Filippi and for the preparation of the program.

Another famous former lady of the program also intervened on the matter, Barbara De Santi who had his say defending the knight from Campania:

“Many of you wrote to me “are you on Aurora’s side or are you on Armando’s side? I hadn’t seen it yet. things I hadn’t done. I went mad, mad. It was born within me. A person who instead wants to hide, remains almost on his own. He doesn’t get so hot. I saw in him the reactions I had to defend my truth. Because what I said was true and I was attacked for things I had never done. I went crazy like him. So I believe in Armando.”

Armandofor his part, on Instagram he wanted to make some clarifications following the controversies that took place in the episode:

“I don’t allow anyone to tarnish, dirty or undermine my journey made up of esteem, loyalty and immense respect towards Maria and the people who work with her. You used malice, hatred and envy to bring me to my knees, but it serves you well other to do it. As a child they taught me one thing: bad things remain with those who do them, because whoever receives them sooner or later forgets them. For info and collaborations, contact this c …. because the manager is busy with “other people”.

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