Aurora Ramazzotti returns home: the first images with Goffredo and little Cesare

Aurora Ramazzotti has finally returned to Italy and shared the first images of her new daily life on social media with her partner Goffredo and little Cesare. Let’s see together what we know.

On March 30, the 26-year-old Aurora Ramazzotti gave birth to the baby Caesar Augustusthe first child had by the partner Godfrey Cerza. Two weeks after the happy event, the family has just returned to Italy and shared the first photos together of their new everyday life.

Aurora Ramazzotti and the first photos of little Cesare at home

The birth of the baby made the two new parents ecstatic, but also the grandparents: Michelle Hunzikeralso according to his daughter, is over the moon and has already prepared a bedroom of his own for his little nephew in his home, so that when he wants to visit his grandmother and his very young aunts Celeste and Sole he can have his own space .

Even grandfather Eros Ramazzotti he can’t wait to be able to hug the little one, since due to a tour in Europe, he hasn’t been able to see the baby up to now, so much so that he was absent from the flash baptism that Aurora wanted to organize a few days after the birth, in the chapel of the Sant’Anna clinic, where she gave birth.

Now that they’re back home, the new parents are getting their first visits, their first games – “He already has more shoes than me” he has declared Aurora referring to the little one – and although she’s decided to take a break from social media, Aurora Ramazzotti he could not fail to share the first moments together with his Godfrey and to the little one, all together, happy. In the last post published, the little one is always in the arms of his mother or father, serene and calm. In some stories, the young influencer and presenter had thanked her partner for the affection and support he continuously showed her and their happiness is shared by fans and many friends from the entertainment world, who showered the photos with compliments and affection of the couple.

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