Storm of Love, Erik and Yvonne back together?

Love storm, Will Erik and Yvonne end up together? What we witness at the Fürstenhof castle is a succession of emotions. Currently holding court in the plots of the German soap opera, broadcast every day on Rete 4, is the triangle between Ariane, Robert and Lia. While Paul continues to fight against the demons of his past and Josie does not cease to stay close to him, the dark lady has tampered with a pregnancy test to prevent Robert from leaving her for his family: Ariane has announced that she is expecting a child and that soon they will become parents.

Lia has decided that she wants the truth from Robert and asks him if he loves Ariane as much as he loved her. They both know the answer, and when Robert spills the beans between himself and Cornelia, a passionate kiss snaps. Thanks to that kiss, Lia understands that what happened between her and Erik can never have the same specific weight as the great feeling that unites her to Robert. It is for this reason that Cornelia decides to be honest with Erik and tells him about the kiss between her and Robert.

Why does Lia decide to spill the beans? According to Cornelia it is a question of sincerity. If Erik had been the right man for her, Lia wouldn’t have ended up kissing Robert. At the same time, if Lia was the right person for Erik, he and Yvonne wouldn’t have shared a kiss back. It’s time for their paths to part, without any kind of animosity. Erik understands that now a new chapter begins for him, and this new chapter starts from there and from the honesty that Lia has given him. It is for this reason that Erik tells Josie that her affair with Cornelia is over and confesses that he and Yvonne kissed.

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