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Men and Women, the gate ticket explodes: accusations and screams in Nicole Santinelli’s throne (VIDEO)

Men and Women, the gate ticket explodes: accusations and screams in Nicole Santinelli's throne (VIDEO)

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale 5, the case of the ticket gate in the throne of Nicole Santinelli exploded, accused by both Gianni Sperti and Roberta Di Padua. Let’s see what happened.

The new installment of Men and women opens with a space dedicated to the throne over: two knights have come to know Paula Ruocco e Roberta Di Padua. We then move on to the classic throne with Nicole Santinelli and her suitors. During the throne of him explodes the gate ticket.

Men and Women, the gate ticket explodes! Rags and accusations for Nicole Santinelli

Per Paola came down Remo, a 58-year-old knight, whom the lady decides to keep, but on one condition: that he never again wears the shoes he wore on the show. For Roberta a Neapolitan knight has arrived, Mariosingle never married and with a 5 year old child, but the lady decides not to keep it. Then comes the time of the classic throne with Nicole Santinelli: the conductor Maria De Filippi reveals that the tronista was somewhat annoyed by the attitude of her suitors who preferred to respond to the comments of Roberta Di Padua and exculpate. Nicole asks the presenter that for the next men for the lady of the throne over they must say that they already have an external attendance, so the lady shows more interest. The words of the tronista enrage the lady who gets up screaming and approaches the tronista, to the point that Charles Albertone of the suitors, gets up to push her away and also Maria she looks worried for a moment. In defense of Roberta another lady arrives too, Carlawho accuses Nicole to be very irritating, while the commentators ask why the lady is so enraged by the comments of the tronista, even if even Tina Cipollati admits that the tronista was very little delicate with her, given that she told her – as revealed by the presenter – that men only go to her for one night, while she is being courted.

Maria closes each thread showing the external between Nicole e Charles Albert: after an initial coldness on the part of the tronista, a few tender words from the suitor are enough for which the two get closer and end up kissing passionately, while in the studio Andrea e Cristian they are very annoyed. Carlo he even admits to wanting to go out with the tronista and hopes that she chooses it. In studio, Cristian after seeing the outside he gets up and tells the tronista that last time Nicole she said she didn’t want to give any more kisses, but from what she saw, it’s clear they weren’t real words. Thus, without letting the tronista be able to give explanations, she gets up and leaves the studio. Also Andrea he asks the tronista what importance she gave to the kiss, since she took back everything she said. Cristian returns, called back by the presenter, and decides to express his thoughts to the tronista: he is very annoyed by the attitude of Nicolebecause he did not feel sincerity on her part.

But the discussion is interrupted by MariaWhy Richard Guarnieri made a report to the Editor: Andrea passed a note to Nicole secretly, during the previous episode. Maria he does not know the contents of the note, but intervenes Gianni Spertiaccusing both Nicole is Andrea to be incorrect and to have acted behind the backs of the programme. Both those directly involved apologize, because they didn’t know it was a very serious thing, but Nicole he admits he didn’t know it was anything serious. Faced with this gesture, Cristian decides to leave the programwhile also Carlo declares that he is no longer sure what to do. In the meantime, Andrea try apologizing, but Gianni he’s really furious, because he’s already had to call them back because they were talking secretly. He intervenes Roberta and says to Carlo who should get up and go away, because it is clear that the tronista is not who she says she is. In the end, however, the suitor decides to stay and trust the tronista, so much so that the two dance together.

Again space to the throne over with Alberto e Tiziana: the couple has become exclusive for a few weeks, even if the knight admits that if someone more interesting were to arrive he would like to evaluate the possible lady: if he were to be interested, then, he would tell her, otherwise he has no intention of meeting other women. Tiziana she is not at all happy with these words, because she is convinced that she wants to continue to know only him. Despite this, the knight refuses the ladies who offer him the number at that moment and Tiziana admits that she would like to leave the program with him, but knows that Alberto not sure yet. From the words they exchange and how they joke, however, as he points out Gianni the two already behave as a couple, therefore, it makes no sense for the knight to say that he wants to meet other ladies. Alberto seems to think about it and asks a Tiziana if she’s really sure she wants to get out of the program with him. The lady replies yes and so the knight makes a proposal: they will go out to dinner and behave normally, then he will inform the editors of his decision … without saying anything to Tiziana!

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