Immaginaria 2023, arriva a Roma l’International Film Festival of Lesbians & Other Rebellious Women

The 18th edition of Immaginaria, the International Film Festival of Lesbians & Other Rebellious Women, will take place in Rome from 20 to 23 April 2023, at the Nuovo cinema Aquila.

Immaginaria 2023, arriva a Roma l'International Film Festival of Lesbians & Other Rebellious Women

It will take place at Roma from 20 to 23 April 2023at the Nuovo cinema Aquila, the XVIII edition of Imaginaryi.e. theInternational Film Festival of Lesbians & Other Rebellious Womeninternational event of independent cinema dedicated to women’s cinema, with particular attention to lesbian and feminist themed cinematography.

It will be a festival full of events, shows, book presentations and above all cinema! Founded in Bologna in 1993 by the Visibilia Cultural Association APS, the Immaginaria festival is supported with Otto per Mille funds from the Waldensian Church, and makes use of the contributions of Trust Nel Nome della Donna, MIX International Festival of LGBTQ+ Cinema and Queer Culture, GEP_ Gender Equality Plan University of Tuscia and the sponsorships of UNAR, CGIL, and the Municipality of Rome.

The festival is twinned with the Women Makes Waves Film Festival in Taiwan and is part of the Coordination of Italian LGBTQ Cinema Festivals. The eighteenth edition will open on Thursday 20 April at 21.00 with an evening of Stand Up Comedy, during which various emerging artists will perform. At the inauguration on Friday 21 April at 20.00 we will be joined by our testimonial Ema Stokholma and the prestigious jurors, cinema experts, directors, actresses and musicians, belonging to the four juries of the festival (Best Feature Film: Cinzia Th. Torrini, Federica Fabbiani, Tiziana Triana; Best Feature Film Soundtrack: Chiara Civello, Maria Francesca Agresta, Nicoletta Conti; Best Documentary: Giuliana Misserville, Susy Laude, Francesca Valtorta; Best Short Film: Carmen Pignataro, Anna Ammirati, Eugenia Costantini, Angelica Giusto) who will proclaim the winning titles in the closing ceremony of the festival on Sunday 23.

Friday evening will continue with the screening of a feature film at 21.00. On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 there will be a succession of screenings of the 35 titles scheduled at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila, i.e. 6 fiction, 11 documentaries and 18 short films from Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy , Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Spain, United States, Switzerland. At the end of the festival, in the closing ceremony which will take place on Sunday 23 April at 18.00, the Best Fiction, the Best Soundtrack among the fiction feature films, the Best Documentary and the Best Short will be proclaimed by the four juries.

During the Festival, the novels Orchidee by Roberta Calandra (Milan, Porto Seguro Editore 2022), introduced by Elena Rossi, with readings by Lucia Rossi and Valentina Ghetti, and Stop Movie will be presented. The thankless task of living in the past (Venice, Cicero Editore 2009) and Odissea. Chronicles of unconsciousness and extreme life (Venice, Cicero Editore 2014) by Cristina Zanetti, who will converse with Federica Fabbiani and Georgia Garofalo. The XVIII edition of Immaginaria is identified by the claim STAY TOGETHER, a leitmotiv taken up in the original theme song composed for Immaginaria 2023, an invitation to stay together as the only possible form of survival and resistance of our community. To access the Festival, the 2023 card of the Visibilia APS Cultural Association is required, which entitles you to attend all the scheduled screenings and debates.

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