Beautiful Advances and American Plots: ruthless Taylor and Brooke. Ridge is shocked!

The American Advances of the Beautiful reveal to us that Taylor and Brooke will have to face the return of Ridge and decide how to behave with him. Will they put their friendship aside for the Forrester? Here’s what we will see very soon in the episodes of Soap, broadcast on Canale5.

The American advances Of Beautiful they go back to talking about the everlasting love triangle between Brooke, Ridge e Taylor. With the Sheila issue dismissed and Carter brought to justice, Ridge will be able to get busy again of the his professional affairs but also sentimental with his two women, the sue mogliThat they will have to decide – now that he’s back – whether to declare war again or save and take care of their friendship.

American Beautiful Advances: Ridge returns home after framing Sheila

The American advances Of Beautiful they have us already revealed – and we told you about it in our previous articles – that Ridge will come out. After that Deacon will bring Sheila to justice e the nightmare will be over, il Forrester will be able finally go home e explain to all his family i reasons for his absence. The stylist will tell everyone Of never having left Los Angeles and that he pretended to have set off on a journey in search of himself, just so as not to arouse any suspicions and be free to organize a plan with the FBI, to frame the evil redhead. Ridge will then be ready to go back to work and come back side by side with both Brooke and Taylor, his two women.

Beautiful American Previews: Brooke and Taylor have to make a decision about Ridge

Taylor and Brooke will be very happy of the return of Ridge or rather the fact that the stylist, thanks to the help of Bill, is managed to frame Sheila. The two women will find each other but ad address an outstanding issue for several months, i.e.: how to deal with Ridge. The American advances they have us already revealed that the two womenafter having undergone yet another indecision by Forrester, they will decide to bury the hatchet e you become friends. And they will spend some time together, waiting for their hubby to return home, thinking and rethinking how to behave when Ridge comes back to them and maybe even made a choice. Brooke and Taylor, after the summons to Villa Forrester and the celebrations for Sheila’s arrest, will find themselves summing up and they will decide not to sacrifice their friendship for the love of the stylist. In short, the ladies of Beautiful will once again choose themselves and their independence and not to declare war.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Brooke and Taylor inform Ridge that they have become friends

However, the time will come to talk about the failure to marry Taylor and the problems with Brooke. Ridge will be ready to face his firing squad, almost convinced that they are facing two lionesses, ready to defend their territory. But what he finds will be instead two women determined to protect themselves e their friendship. Brooke and Taylor will confess to him to have buried the hatchet and that they got very close. They will tell him that in the months spent without him, they have discovered that they are much more similar than they believed and that they have begun to love their new relationship very much. The designer will open his eyes, amazed to hear that the two historic rivals have become best friends but he can’t help but smile. Their family will finally get the peace it deserves and he will stay at Eric’s house. Is it finally time to forget about the love triangle that has characterized this soap since 1987? Let’s hope so!

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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