Friday, March 1, 2024
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The ingenious greatness of Rick and Morty must be fixed, stopped and reviewed in detail

La geniale grandezza di Rick and Morty va fissata, stoppata e rivista nei particolari

Rick and Morty it’s irreverent, unfiltered, absurd, hilarious, but never really demented. The humor is always intelligent, thoughtful and absolutely cutting edge.
The show of Dan Harmons exploits the full potential of its subject.
Born as a remake of Doc and Marty in Back to the Future, Rick and Morty she sets aside time travel in favor of interdimensional travel.
There, among infinite universes, everything is possible and everything is studied in detail.

True, the sixth season of Rick and Morty had a lot of lore and little else, but a re-watch is enough to realize that often the goodies present in Rick and Morty they are difficult to catch upon first viewing, and embellish the work in a unique and compelling way.

Not convinced? Let’s go step by step, adding some fabulous detail to what we underlined last week.

Rick is always right

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty (1024×576)

School is a big waste of time. Those guys running around, they come in together. The professor says “2+2”. The boy from the back replies “4”. Then the bell rings, they give you del latte and a piece of paper that says you can go bowel empty. It’s not for smart people.

Rick Sanchez

One of those quotes which you use when you want to set yourself a tone is not an end in itself. A few scenes later, in fact, in the high school math class (note well, the high school!) they repeat additions In chorus. Then he plays the campanella.
As usual Rick takes Morty away from school for one of their adventures and when they return through a portal it is lunch time and there is latte all around him.

Jerry and Summer are unequivocally father and daughter

Rick and Morty
Summer e Jerry (750×366)

Have you ever stopped to look at the physiognomy of the Smith family?
Essentially Summer is Jerry with a tail.
The same base was used for them, this means that it would be enough to swap their hair to have one character or another as the final result.

Morty, on the other hand, could have been Eric Stoltz

Rick and Morty
Rick and MortyBack to the Future (1024×819)

As already mentioned Rick and Morty is inspired by Back to the Future.
Marty McFly was originally supposed to be Eric Stoltz. However, the director Zemeckis, he decided to recast the part. In Close Encounters of the Rick-Guythere is a version of Morty identical to Rocky Dennis played by the actor in the film Behind the mask.
It is a small tribute to Eric Stoltz, a quasi-Marty and therefore quasi-Morty.

Dogs playing poker with a picture of humans playing poker behind them

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty and Dogs Playing Poker (1024×819)

Art is no stranger to the world of animated series which never misses an opportunity to celebrate it. In Canine evolutionRick invents a helmet that boosts Snuffles’ cognitive abilities to keep him from peeing on the carpet.
The dog becomes aware of himself, of the condition of his species and decides to make humans pay for it. He creates an army of intelligent robot dogs, reversing the roles.
In this scene there is a double reference to a painting by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.
The same is taken up ironically by a picture hanging behind Snuffles featuring gods a wise man. On the other hand, the robot dogs replicate the original work.

This painting is also one of the artwork featured in BoJack Horseman!

Rick cancella Community

Rick and Morty
Community (1024×539)

Make them cry, but cry with joy, make them tease the blonde girl, now erase, now put it back

Making these requests to Unity, Rick refers to the series Community also of Dan Harmonspreviously deleted by NBC and then from Yahoo! Screen.
The characters are perfect alien versions of the originals.

The crack in the driveway

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty (1024×819)

At the end of the first season, during a party, the house is teleported to another planet. When it returns to its original position, however, it leaves a trace of what happened from then on you can always see the crack around the driveway!

Alternate sizes with alternate photos

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty (512×1024)

During their escape from the Citadel militia of the Ricks, the protagonists cross the same living room in parallel universes. Here comes one of the most hilarious scenes and mind-blowing of the series. Pizzas sitting on the couch calling to order humans to eat for dinner.
Telephones arranged on pizzas that support people with keys to their ears to ask for seats at home.
Finally, armchairs on humans adapted to chairs call with pizzas to have telephones.
It all happens in a matter of secondsone has barely time to grasp the absurdity of the main elements that are presented and exchanged.
But that’s not enough, no. Along the wall of the stairs there is always the same sequence of photos adapted to the alternate universe presented. If this is not attention to detail!

Precious things e Adventure time

Rick and MortyAdventure Time (742×433)

Something Rick-istro is coming is a reimagining of Precious thingsone of the masterpieces of Stephen King. Among the cursed objects is the Hero’s Glove used by Finn in Adventure time.

That scene featured in the trailer for Justice League

Speaking of details, Rick and Morty not only contains many, but also constitutes one in the trailer of Justice League. Have you noticed this?

Rick’s real burps…

Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty (1024×576)

Justin Roilandnow ex-voice actor of Rick in the original language, it really burps when the character does. For this reason, during the first season he consumed beer and carbonated water. Also for his health Rick burps progressively less going forward.

…and Rick’s real hangover

Rick and Morty (1024×576)

When Rick gets a massive hangover and gets the Avengers involved in a “game like Saw“, Justin Roiland you do a few too many tequila to make it all the more likely.
Adult Swim also posted a video of the dubbing session.

The detail to find

Rick and Morty (1024×576)

Rick and Morty it is littered with easter egg and manic details.
I have listed some of them in this list, we already talked about others last week, and who knows how many others we missed. Some are there just waiting to be discovered.

What detail did you notice that absolutely cannot be missing? surprise us!