Amici 22: “Maddalena Svevi does not deserve this fury”, the judgment of the critics

The opinion of the newspapers on the ballerina Maddalena Svevi has been revealed.

Yesterday, Saturday 8 April 2023, the fourth episode of the Evening of Friendsil talent show by Maria De Filippi now in its twenty-second edition. Meanwhile, in the last few days, the dancer Maddalena Svevi has discovered the judgment of the critics.

Maddalena Svevi at Amici 22: the report cards of journalistic criticism

The Friends 22 ending approaches and Maria De Filippi has decided to let the students still in the race experiment with the so-called ‘journalism’. If Wax didn’t like the criticisms received from the various newspapers at all, indulging in some really not nice and out of place utterances, Magdalene Svevi received several compliments:

“They always oppose her to Isobel and for this very reason she seems a bit calimero. Save the soldier Madda, she doesn’t deserve this fury” writes the journalist of Il Quotidiano Nazionale. “Although Celentano calls her insignificant, she manages to defend herself well in the gauntlet against Isobel and manages to bring the choreography home even if not to the team. However, being targeted by the teacher Celentano, you know, could be a point in her favor in the eyes of the public who often favor the ‘weakest’. To the tune of Queen, she makes up for the lost gauntlet and is saved first in the ballot” instead writes the journalist of Il

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Positive reviews that surprised the dancer and student of Emanuel Lo. Talking with Maria De FilippiIndeed, Madeleine she was satisfied and finally revealed: “You can see that at home the fact that I am so teased by Celentano arrives. Luckily they understand me”.

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