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8 songs that I automatically associate with a scene from the TV series

8 canzoni che associo automaticamente a una scena delle Serie Tv

When we watch a TV series the songs inserted in certain scenes inevitably remain imprinted in our minds, and there’s nothing better than enjoying a particularly salient scene with the right soundtrack. Some songs have come back to the fore thanks to their inclusion in some scenes in successful series, think for example of Runnin’ Up That Hill of Kate Bush’s Stranger Thingsor the famous one Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap in the final scene of the last episode of the second season of The O.C.. This means that when we listen to those same songs again, after some time they remind us that scene from that TV series that has remained with us. Which makes everything much more exciting, and also makes us want to rewatch or simply go and rewatch that particular episode.

So let’s see 8 songs that we automatically associate with a scene from the TV series.

1) Running Up That Hill – Stranger Things

Stranger Things (640x360)
Stranger Things (640×360)

In the fourth season of Stranger Things this song (by Kate Bush) becomes Max’s weapon against the Vecna ​​menace, since it’s the only thing keeping her holding on to the real world without being drawn into her death trap. Immediately this song became the soundtrack of the fourth season of the series, also bringing it back to the top of the music charts Running Up That Hill almost 40 years after its release date (in fact it came out in 1985). It’s not the only song we automatically link to Stranger Things: we can not fail to mention Master Of Puppets by Metallica, played in an epic final scene before saying goodbye forever to the character Eddie, arguably one of the most iconic and fan-favorites in the series. And he couldn’t not walk away with a better song than this one.

2) Hallelujah – The O.C.

Seth Cohen
The O.C. (640×360)

Hallelujah compare in The O.C. in two season finales: in the first and in the third. Even if in two different versions (in the finale of the first season the song is interpreted by Jeff Buckley, in the third season by Imogen Heap) two breathtaking season finales have irreparably marked in our hearts. In the first season we see the song accompanying Seth’s farewell on his catamaran (“I chose the name of the boat thinking of you” he tells Summer): Ryan had decided to leave with Teresa, leaving Seth, Marissa, Sandy and Kirsten in despair. In the third season however, it is the same song that is the background to the terrible accident that led to Marissa’s death, but in a much darker version. Either way, every time I hear this song I can’t help but associate it with these two incredibly emotional episodes. And the tears are not long in coming.

3) The Funeral – How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother (640×360)

If I can’t not listen to this song without crying it’s because of this episode of How I Met Your Mother. The eighth season of the series opens with this episode which has its own background The Funeral by the Band of Horses, and which is remembered by all as the episode in which Klaus explains his theory of love to Ted (the Lifelong Destiny Treasure). We will later discover that this song has been cleverly placed in this scene to reveal the fate that awaited Ted: the title of the song, in fact, “The Funeral” it wasn’t accidental at all, which makes this scene even more heartbreaking, and makes it even harder to hold back the tears every time the song’s attack hits. We can also find it in other series and in other episodes, such as in the final scene of Tear along the edges by ZeroCalcare.

4) Chasing Cars – Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's anatomy Derek 640x320
Grey’s Anatomy (640×360)

Among the many songs that have marked punt tearjerker of Grey’s Anatomythe one that has remained most impressed in the memory is certainly Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol but played by Sleeping at Last. The whole affair was masterfully cruel on its own, and even without background music it would have been equally heartbreaking, but accompanied by this song it ripped our hearts right out of our chests. Every time someone covers it in some talent show or when some broadcaster plays it on the radio, I can’t help but think “But it’s Derek’s death song!”. Cruel, truly cruel.

5) Forever – The Office

The Office (640×360)

Another song that we automatically associate with a scene from the TV series can only be Forever at Chris Brownwhich literally opens the dance to the highly anticipated and longed-for wedding of Jim and Pam in The Office. I’m punctually going to watch this scene on YouTube, which between tears and laughter still excites me as if it were the first time. A wonderful episode, seen by someone who has never seen The Office it can be considered decidedly embarrassing (as in reality any episode of the series), but in truth we know very well that it is one of the most moving of the entire series. And every time I hear this song a little tear falls.

6) Till’ It’s Gone – Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Jax 640x426
Sons Of Anarchy (640×360)

I always thank the TV series that make me discover new songs, and one of those to thank absolutely (and not only for this) is Sons of Anarchy. In one of the series’ most heartbreaking scenes, where Jax sealed his fate by awakening his darker side, there’s a beautiful parallel between Jury clutching his son, in loss and grief, and Jax clutching his, in an attempt to console himself from the horror that is happening more and more. And this song, Till It’s Gone Of It’s a wolfis energetically perfect, since it reveals the adrenaline of the moment but also all the melancholy and remorse that transpires from Jax.

7) Baby Blue – Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad (640×360)

Breaking Bad it concludes with a perfect ending: Walt, wounded by a gunshot, wanders nostalgically among the tanks in the container, thinking back on his whole life and his actions. The song that accompanies the end of an era is titled Baby Blue Badfinger day, inserted perfectly in the scene in which Walt, now almost lifeless, collapses to the ground looking at the camera which moves further and further upwards. A song that every time I listen to it makes me immediately think of this scene, and why I haven’t yet decided to do yet another rewatch.

8) Skinny Love – The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries (640×360)

The Vampire Diaries is one of those series that marked my adolescence. At the end of the second season Jenna, Elena’s aunt, dies at the hands of Klaus, and her funeral scene, which plays in the background Skinny Love the Birdy, it’s one of those events in the series that has stuck with me the most. Most likely because then I got obsessed with that song listening to it every day on my way to school, hoping that a mysterious vampire with a bewitching charm like Damon Salvatore would show up at the bus stop.