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You 5: what we expect from the last season of the Netflix series

You 5: what we expect from the last season of the Netflix series

After the (predictable) renewal for a fifth and final season, the Netflix You series is preparing to say goodbye: here’s what we could see in the last few episodes starring Penn Badgley.

You 5: what we expect from the last season of the Netflix series

After a fourth season that has definitely shuffled the cards on the table, the series is in the finale Youstill in Top 10 on Netflix after several weeks, she seemed to have retraced her steps once again. Yet those same steps seemed to call out for a fifth and final cycle of episodes, and the announcement a few days ago in this sense confirmed our impressions recounted in our review.

You 4 Penn Badgley Lucas Gage

You: Penn Badgley e Lucas Gage in una scena

Now we are all ready to see how the writers will close the story of Joe Goldberg alias Jonathan Moore, and from some clues seen in the season finale we have some theories as to where they might head in the big epilogue. Let’s see them together, reminding you that this article contains spoilers on the fourth season finale of Youin case you haven’t seen it yet.

New Jonathan, old Joe

You 4 First Look

You 4: a first image of the new season of the Netflix series

In the second half of fourth season of You Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble reminded us of the psychological condition of the protagonist, a stalker who also occasionally becomes a serial killer, revealing that the yellow whodunit that we had witnessed in the first half was actually entirely the fruit of Joe’s now dissociated mind (an excellent Penn Badgley, also very good at promoting the series on social networks). In the final the knots come home to a point for our Joe/Jonathan, because for the umpteenth time he manages to get away with it, thanks to the usual interlocking of coincidences that occur and above all thanks to the new woman (obsession?) of his life, Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), the wealthy heiress of London’s Upper East Side who we discovered comes from a toxic lineage guilty of despicable actions (which wink at the corporate side with which Erin Brockovich collided). Perhaps due to the common dark past, which Kate strangely condones in order to be accepted in turn for what she was, the two go on to form an apparently stainless and much more solid sentimental and working couple than Joe and Love, who had proved to be still more stalkers and killers (if possible) than man. The fact that Joe killed Kate’s father, personification of the girl’s corrupt past and contemporary capitalist evil, could come back in the last few episodes and create a rift in their relationship, which we left practically unassailable in the last few scenes.

You: season 5 of the series with Penn Badgley will be the last

Still Alive, Marienne

You 4 Tati Gabrielle

You: Tati Gabrielle in one scene

In yet another final twist, we find out that Joe hadn’t let go of his previous victim of obsession, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), as it seemed, but had kidnapped her and imprisoned her in a transparent cell that winked at that of the previous seasons and which evidently must follow him to each of his new homes. That’s not all: in the final stages we discover as spectators that Marienne is alive but Joe doesn’t know it. Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), Jonathan’s quick-witted and sensitive student, has concocted a somewhat convoluted—and partly fallible, as we’ve seen—plan that backfired on her, resulting in the death of the his college mate. But something good came out of her: Marienne faked her own death and was able to return to her daughter from whom she had been separated, while the serial killer believes that she tragically left this world for an overdose due to the imprisonment of she. At this point, she might just be the key to the gods new episodes: the last piece of Joe’s past ready to knock on his door again and one of the few to be able to denounce all his previous behavior in the United States.

Top 10 TV series serial killers

Emerge from the past

You 2 Penn Badgley Jenna Ortega

You: Penn Badgley e Jenna Ortega in una scena

In the finale we had the return of Joe’s old obsessions with brief cameos: from Elizabeth Lail’s Guinevere Beck to Victoria Pedretti’s Love herself, to put the man in front of his own irremediable psychological condition which led him to accuse (and kill , to cover his tracks and guilt) an innocent like Rhys (Ed Speelers) of his murders in the name of social inequality. Some comeback striking we could have it at this point in the fifth season, perhaps of some character still alive. Who knows if in the last few episodes Ellie will not come back Jenna Ortegapartly launched by this role before exploding as a phenomenon in the Netflix series (therefore “at home”) Wednesday. A return that had already been rumored for the fourth season but which then did not occur. Another girl who, although “protected” and “saved” by Joe, could reveal the man’s criminal past to the authorities and frame him once and for all.

You 4 Part 2 Victoria Pedretti

You: Victoria Pedretti in a scene

The ball – indeed, the pen – now passes to the new showrunners Michael Foley and Justin W.Lo, who have already had the blessing of Berlanti and Gambe remained as executive producers. The main choice they will have to make to close this series born from the novel by Caroline Kepnes and then continued on its own path, especially once acquired by the streaming platform, is whether to make Joe pay the bill or, in the final game of cat and mouse, let us side with him, despite everything, one last time.