Tonight on TV: Movies to see Saturday 8 April, in prime time and late evening

  • The things I didn’t tell you (Dramatic) broadcast on Rai 3 at 21.20un film di William Nicholson, con Annette Bening, Bill Nighy, Josh O’Connor, Aiysha Hart, Rose Keegan, Nicholas Burns, Ryan McKen, Ninette Finch, Nicholas Blane, Sally Rogers, Derren Litten e Joel MacCormack.

    The plot of the movie: The film tells the story of a married couple, Grace and Edward. The two have been married for 29 years and their life in the English town of Seaford passes peacefully in a house near the sea among objects accumulated over the years, including many books. Both retired, she deals with the drafting of an anthology of poems, while he is obsessed with the reliability of publications on Wikipedia.
    When their son, Jamie, visits them for the weekend, his father reveals his intention to leave his mother for another woman who makes him happy and free to be himself. When Grace hears the news about her, she doesn’t accept that her husband wants to break off their relationship after almost thirty years of marriage. Edward packs up and leaves. Falling into depression, Grace feels lost without Edward in her small coastal town and she always hopes to see him one day return home with her bags …

  • Peter Rabbit (Commedia, Family, Fantasy) broadcast on Rai Gulp at 21.05a film by Will Gluck, with the Italian voice of Nicola Savino and the original voices of James Corden, Domhnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne, Fayssal Bazzi, Sam Neill, Sia, Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridley, Elizabeth Debicki, Colin Moody and Marianne Jean -Baptiste.

    The plot of the movie: The beloved fairy tale character born from the pen – and brushes – of Beatrix Potter is the protagonist of this gritty and irreverent comedy with a contemporary setting, directed by Will Gluck and made with live action and CGI mixed media. Peter Rabbit lives in a cozy den bordering the hostile Mr. McGregor’s garden, a forbidden place for cautious bunnies who don’t want to end up in the lanky human’s crosshairs. If the obedient Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail keep away, heeding their mother’s warnings, the inconsiderate little brother Peter – ears pricked over the fence and wagging tail – desecrates McGregor’s garden by also feasting on his vegetables. Peter and Mr. McGregor’s already turbulent relationship sours when a new neighbor, the lovely Bea, moves into the neighborhood. The man and the bunny will do anything to win the attention of the lovable animal lover….

  • Highlander – The last immortal (Fantasy) in tenth water TwentySeven alle ore 21.10un film di Russell Mulcahy, con Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, Roxanne Hart, Beatie Edney, Sheila Gish, Christopher Malcolm, Alan North, Jon Polito e Hugh Quarshie.

    The plot of the movie: Year 1985. Russell Nash is an antique dealer who lives in New York. The man becomes involved in a homicide investigation, as he was at the scene when the crime was committed. Brenda J. Wyatt, a police forensic technician who discovers that there is something strange in the antique dealer, is also involved in the investigation: for example, he owns a sword, the manufacture of which dates back a thousand years before the technique was invented with which it was made. So she decides to keep him under control.
    Nash, finally alone in his own home, goes back in thought and begins to relive his memories: he finds himself in 1536 in Scotland, when he was a warrior named Connor Mac Leod. He thinks back to how he was driven out of his tribe by him, as he supernaturally survived a mortal wound. Connor then went away to live quietly with his wife Heather. One day he learned, from a strange individual named Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, that he was immortal.
    Ramirez reveals that he is like him, instructs him on their powers and tells him that together with the other immortals they are destined to fight for life with the aim of eliminating each other to have a “Final Reward”…

  • A lot beautiful (Comedy, Comedy) broadcast on Cine34 at 21a film by Carlo Verdone, with Carlo Verdone, Isabella De Bernardi, Mario Brega, Renato Scarpa, Veronica Miriel, Luciano Bonanni, Filippo Trincia, Filippo Ciro, Sandro Ghiani, Fausto Di Bella, Pietro Zardini and Maria Mizar Ferrara.

    The plot of the movie: In a semi-deserted Rome, under the scorching sun of August, the events of the three main characters take place. Enzo is a bold young man who loves to tell his incredible adventures with women. Intent on arriving in Krakow with his brand new sports car, he is looking for a travel companion. After a long search, he manages to convince his friend Sergio, who however has an illness as soon as they leave the capital. So Enzo has to find a replacement as soon as possible.
    The awkward Leo lives in Trastevere with his mother, who is waiting for him by the sea to spend mid-August together. However, the boy is blocked by Marisol (Veronica Miriel), a beautiful Spanish tourist who asks him for help. Shy and naive, Leo finds himself forced to host the exuberant foreigner at home. But just when something tender seems to be born between the two, here comes her boyfriend…
    After a long stay in a hippie community, Ruggero and his girlfriend Fiorenza arrive in Rome. There the boy meets his father again, who invites them home. The man hopes to convince his son to return to the right path, counting on the help of Father Alfio and Professor Anselmo…

  • Jurassic Park (Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi, Horror) broadcast on Italia 1 at 21.20un film di Steven Spielberg, con Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, Joseph Mazzello, Ariana Richards, Samuel L. Jackson, B.D. Wong, Wayne Knight, Jerry Molen, Miguel Sandoval, Cameron Thor, Adrian Escober, Christopher John Fields, Whitby Hertford, Tom Mishler, Dean Cundey e Jophery C. Brown.

    The plot of the movie: The story begins when eccentric billionaire John Hammond invites paleontologist Alan Grant and paleobotanist Ellie Sattler to Isla Nublar. Here the two scientists are surprised and shocked to find an amusement park populated by real dinosaurs. Indeed, thanks to cloning, Hammond financed a project aimed at bringing extinct animals back to life, then locking them up in a system of electrified cages.
    To win over his investors, however, the man needs the approval of a group of experts. In the company of mathematician Ian Malcom and lawyer Donald Gennaro, Alan and Ellie travel to the island to study the extraordinary genetic work of Dr. Henry Wu. Alan’s nephews Tim and Lex are also invited to the island and join Hammond’s safari. The man will monitor the experience of the group from monitors, assisted by engineer Ray Arnold.
    When John’s collaborator Dennis Nerdy gets bribed by a rival of his boss, the security system will suddenly collapse and the group will find themselves facing the ferocious dinosaurs …

  • Casablanca (Drama, Romance) broadcast on Warner TV at 21.30un film di Michael Curtiz, con Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, S.Z. Sakall, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, Madeleine LeBeau e Dooley Wilson.

    The plot of the movie: Rick Blaine is an American expatriate in Casablanca, French Morocco under the pro-Nazi regime, during World War II. He runs a place, Rick’s Café Americain, and has had a history of arms smuggling on the side of Ethiopia at the time of the Italian invasion of 1935, and as a republican in the Spanish Civil War of ’36, but he is now a man cynical and disillusioned.
    One evening Ugarte, a well-known criminal, arrives at his café with two letters of passage stolen from two German soldiers whom he himself killed; his intent is to meet with a buyer to whom he wants to sell them, but before he can succeed he is arrested, not before having delivered the letters to Blaine, the very precious passes for the United States.
    The following day, the Norwegian refugee Ilsa Lund, Blaine’s old flame with whom he is still in love, arrives in Casablanca, together with her husband Victor Laszlo, leader of the Czech rebellion and escaped from a concentration camp.
    The couple is in danger and tries to obtain transit letters to escape, when he learns that Blaine owns two; Rick is tormented because he would like to take revenge for being abandoned by the woman and also because he would like to stay with her, but when he understands to what extent her husband is willing to sacrifice himself to save her, he changes his mind and decides to help them, endangering everything which was built in Casablanca…

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