The Good Mothers, brave women: meeting with Micaela Ramazzotti and the other protagonists of the Disney+ series

Inspired by the true story of some brave women who chose freedom against mafia oppression, The Good Mothers is the series available on Disney+ between thriller and criminal story from a different point: female. Video interview with the protagonists.

The mafia seen from a new point of view, which is inspired by the true story of some courageous women, capable of rebelling against the criminal and suffocating patriarchal system of the ‘Ndrangheta. The Good Mothers tells in thriller and drama key this choral story, focusing on three women in particular. Just arrived on the platform Disney+after winning the first edition of Berlinale Series Awardis based on the book of the same name by Alex Perryadapted for the screen by Stephen Butchard. Directed by Julian Jarrold e Eliza Amoruso. It is produced by House Productions e Wildsidea Fremantle group company.

We met the protagonists of the series, Gaia Girace, Valentina Bell√®, Micaela Ramazzotti e Simona Distefano. Here’s ours video interview made in Berlin.

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