Terra Amara Turkish advances: Zuleyha and Mujgan give birth together, but the child of one of the two is serious!

In the new episodes of Terra Amara, Zuleyha and Mujgan give birth to their children together, but there is a problem… But let’s find out in detail what the Turkish Advances of the beloved soap opera reveal!

To date, Zuleyha and Mujgan are both pregnant. The Turkish advances of the episodes of Terra Amara, which will soon be broadcast on Channel 5show us that the former seamstress and the doctor will find themselves in the same delivery roome they will bring their children into the world at the same time. While Altun and Demir’s baby will be born healthy, the child of Hekimoglu and Yilmaz will immediately have to fight to stay alive… Let’s see together what will happen in the Turkish textures of the soap opera.

Zuleyha thinks Mujgan wants to hurt Adnan, in the Turkish Advances of Terra Amara

While we see Zuleyha and Mujgan in the early months of pregnancyTurkish viewers have already seen them give birth Together. After discovered that Adnan is the son of Yilmaz, the doctor decides not to talk about it with the latter, and to create some distance between them; Hekimoglu, in fact, warns the former seamstress several times not to let Adnan roam freely in her garden. Therefore, thinking the doctor is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Altun misunderstands the moment he sees her near her baby. Mujgan was only preventing Adnan from swallowing a large stoneWhile the young woman thought she was hurting him. Zuleyha’s apologies are of no use: her rival in love with her reacts angrily.

Terra Amara Turkish advances: Mujgan and Zuleyha must give birth!

Following the verbal confrontation, Hekimoglu begins to feel pain. When you realize that he is losing bloodthe girl try to get in touch with the AkkayaHowever, failing that, she gets into the car to reach the hospital on her own. The former mechanicin the meantime, he is with his ex-girlfriend, who wanted to talk to him about Mujgan’s – inexplicably – hostile attitude. While the two are discussing it, Altun feels bade Yilmaz understands right away having to take her to the hospital. Here, her wife, seeing him arrive with her, glares at him, and refuses to speak to him …

The son of Mujgan and Yilmaz was born premature, in the Turkish Advances of Terra Amara

The women in labor meet in the same roome they give birth to their children together. Zuleyha gives birth to a healthy baby girl, to Demir’s delight; on the contrary, having been born in the seventh month, therefore a month and a half early, Hekimoglu’s baby is immediately placed in an incubator: Your lungs haven’t fully formed yet. Behice’s niece is furious with her husbandboth because he was in the company of his ex in time of need, but also and above all because he granted permission to the doctors to give birth. Mujgan had expressly asked them to delay delivery as much as possible, just so that the unborn child would not have any problems. On the other hand, Akkaya loudly claims that she had no choice: he only thought about saving her life …

Bitter land it goes on air Channel 5 Monday to Friday at 2.10pm.

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