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Could Michael C. Hall appear in the Dexter prequel spin-off? The actor answers

Dexter: annunciato ufficialmente lo spin-off prequel che racconterà le origini del serial killer

DexterShowtime’s award-winning thriller series, it went on for a whopping eight seasons and concluded in 2013. The sequel Dexter: New Blood tried to patch up the unsuccessful epilogue of the original series, but ended with an ending that was even worse than the one 8 years before. After this hole in the water, Showtime has decided to try again with a totally new project, Dexter: Origins. The new show should tell how a young boy from Miami was transformed into Dexter Morgan, the agent of the scientific police who at night killed the killers who had escaped justice. If the sequel formula didn’t work, then yes try the prequel in hopes of gaining public acceptance.

The prequel to Dexter could see the return of Michael C. Hall?

The actor, who brought the character born from the pen of Jeff Lindsayparticipated in a question and answer session with fans at the Steel City Con. As reported by ComicBook, Michael C. Hall also talked about the new prequel tv series of Dexter. When a fan asked him if there was a chance to see him in Dexter: Origins, he joked acknowledging how impossible it is for him to play the show’s lead as a young man. However said he would love to be involved, whether it’s executive producing or playing a cameo or a flash-forward. Here’s what he said to Steel City Con:

I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to play Dexter as a young man at this point. I think that ship sailed even before they started developing the show, but I am open to the possibility of being involved. It’s all still in the theoretical stages at this point, but I’m curious to see what they come up with…”

A fan asked him if there were plans to make a TV movie inspired by the original series Dexter. The actor argued that this appears to be an extremely remote possibility, since Showtime is currently following a different line, producing the two new prequels:

I learned that you must never say never, but I feel like there will probably be more exploration of Dexter’s world on the TV screen.”

The new series, which will tell the origins of the serial killerwill be set in 1980s Miami where serial killers are becoming a serious problem. The protagonist will be a twenty-year-old Dexter Morgan”at the beginning of his transformation into the avenging serial killer we’ve known.” We will then find some of the younger versions of the characters from the original series and we will have the opportunity to deepen the relationship of the protagonist with his father Harry which taught him to catalyze his murderous instincts against criminals.

Dexter: Origins will it finally prove to be a spin-off worthy of the original series? We will find out very soon.