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Men and Women, Sara Shaimi on the wedding with Sonny Di Meo: “That’s why we got married in Morocco”

Men and Women, Sara Shaimi on the wedding with Sonny Di Meo: "That's why we got married in Morocco"

Sara Shaimi and Sonny Di Meo are two former faces of Men and Women and recently got married in Morocco. Here is the reason for the choice.

Sara Shami e Sonny DiMeo they became husband and wife in Morocco, the homeland of the former face of Men and womenthe dating show of Channel 5, some weeks ago. The former tronista has revealed the reason for this choice by publishing some stories on Instagram.

Men and Women, Sara Shaimi retraces her story with Sonny Di Meo and why they got married in Morocco

The couple met in Men and women, from which they come out together despite the problems of the pandemic that have interrupted their throne. In 2020 they made their story official, after the choice of the tronista and beyond the ups and downs, they were together until 2023. Their breakup was to be attributed in addition to the differences in character between the two – as he also specified Shaimi in a subsequent intervention – and the rumors about the alleged relationship between Sonny e Aurora Barutoformer suitor of Luca Salatino.

Suddenly, however, the two were back together, upsetting everyone and within a short time the news about the possible wedding spread: initially it was thought of a fake news, but in reality on March 5 they really got married with a traditional ceremony in Morocco, homeland of Sara Shami and rumors of an alleged pregnancy have multiplied. To explain the reason for the ceremony in Morocco, Sara decided to tell everything with a story on Instagram:

“For those who ask, marriage is also valid in Italy. We will also have a nice party in Italy next year. Getting married first in Morocco was more by chance, having a cousin who is a wedding planner, she told me ‘let’s do it immediately ‘ and we said ‘why not?!’. And I was very pleased, it was beautiful. I never thought I’d take it down and instead…”

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