Chicago Fire: Matt Casey will return full-time in the tv series? Jesse Spencer’s answer

The actor reprized his beloved role in the season 11 episode that aired in the US last night.

The return of Jesse Spencer in Chicago Fire in last night’s Season 11 episode airing in the US left viewers with one big question: Is Captain Matt Casey’s time away from Chicago running out? Interviewed by TVLinethe actor spoke about the possibility of returning to the hit NBC series full-time, following his departure at the beginning of last season.

Chicago Fire 11: The Return of Matt Casey

During Wednesday’s episode, titled Danger Is All Around, Casey – look out for sneak peeks! — noted Ben, his late best friend Andy Darden’s son, whom he’s been taking care of since leaving Chicago, to go to college next year, which means both Darden boys will claim its independence soon. With his time as their legal guardian drawing to a close, Casey has been rightly asked by Commander Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) when he leaves Portland and returns to Chicago again. For his part, the firefighter noted that before this there are other issues to deal with.

First, Casey brought in Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae May) in a Department of Homeland Security task force against a possible terrorist attack on American soil. Then, he used his trip to Chicago to figure things out with his ex-girlfriend, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), discovering that she has started dating again. “If he finishes this job in Oregon or whatever in a year or two, Station 51 will be there, but will she still be there?” Spencer observed.

Chicago Fire: Will Jesse Spencer Return Full-Time?

In the episode, there were many occasions in which Casey’s possible return home was discussed in the near future. TVLine he therefore asked the actor how concrete is the possibility of his return in Chicago Fire full time. And his response was, “I don’t know. I don’t think so, because he’s designating Kidd as a first responder contact to work with DHS and the FBI on this potential attack. when that happens. He’s really handing the reins to Kidd. So, that’s going to be his situation going forward.”

He added, “I think I’m always open to that possibility. Never say never. When I left the show, I spoke to (co-showrunner) Derek (Haas) and the others saying, “Listen, if it makes sense to bring me in for a storyline that you feel is appropriate for Casey, I’d be happy to be in an episode.” But long-term or something, I don’t think.”

In fact, Spencer only signed on to reprise the role of Casey in last night’s episode and no further appearances are currently planned as the series continues to suffer from Taylor Kinney and from her Kelly Severide after the actor’s sudden decision to take time off from work to address a personal matter. For the actor this was the second comeback in Chicago Fire after the season 10 finale, when he had reappeared in town for Severide and Kidd’s wedding. Sylvie was still by his side at the time, but as we found out earlier this season, their relationship hasn’t taken the weight of distance any longer.

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