Big Brother Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli on Nikita Pelizon’s victory: “Unsettling”

Pierpaolo Pretelli, on the microphones of Tag24, spoke about Nikita Pelizon’s victory at Gf Vip.

On the occasion of the hour of the TV series “The Good Mothers” the former gieffino and host of Gf Vip Party, Pierpaolo Pretellispoke of the victory of Nikita Pelizon al Gf Vip to the microphones of Tag24.

Gf Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli: “Nikita Pelizon’s unsettling victory”

“I thought Nikita’s victory was unsettling, I was expecting Tavassi or Oriana. However, Nikita had a long journey of many months and it’s only right that she was rewarded” he has declared Pierpaolo than talking about his girlfriend Julia Salemi and of the eventuality he can fill the role as pundit in the next edition of Gf Vip, Pretend he added:

“Giulia is fine even where she is with that social armchair, the important thing is that there is one with space for her”.

A role he would also love to play Sun rises with which Pierpaolo hosted the recent edition of the social talk dedicated to Gf ​​Vip “MI would very much like to do it and I remain here waiting for any opportunity given to me” he has declared Soleil always to Tag24. The former gieffina on the victory of Nikita Pelizon he has declared: “Amazing victory for Nikita, I’m very happy because I think he deserved it.”

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