Pupi Avati returns to the cinema with a new film: The Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The new film by the Bolognese director, starring Gabriele Lavia, Edwige Fenech, Massimo Lopez, Lodo Guenzi, Camilla Ciraolo, Nick Russo, Cesare Bocci, is about to arrive at the cinema with Vision Distribution. Here’s what it’s about.

A few months after the release of his Dante, Pupi Avati is preparing to return to Italian cinemas with a new film, whose title is The fourteenth Sunday of ordinary time and what will be in theaters from May 4th distributed by Vision Distribution.
In the cast from the film we will find Gabriele Lavia, Edwige Fenech, Massimo Lopez, Lodo Guenzi, Camilla Ciraolo, Nick Russo and Cesare Bocci.
This the official story of The Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Timea Duea Film, Minerva Pictures production with Vision Distribution in collaboration with Sky, produced by Antonio Avati, Santo Versace, Gianluca Curti.

Bologna, 70s. Marzio, Samuele and Sandra are very young and everyone has their own dream to realize. Music, fashion, or maybe a career. The two boys, best friends, founded the musical group I Leggenda and dreamed of success. Sandra is a flower of beauty and she aspires to become a model. A few years later, on the fourteenth Sunday of ordinary time, Marzio marries Sandra while Samuele plays the organ. That ‘fourteenth Sunday’ becomes the title of one of their songs, the only one they have recorded, the only one to be broadcast by some local radio.
Then one day in those wonderful nineties when everything seems possible, a storm suddenly appears, a hostile headwind that sweeps everything away.
We find them again 35 years later. What happened to their lives, their relationships? But above all, what happened to their dreams?

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