Priscilla of Drag Race Italia to Le Iene: “How much fear can a man with make-up still make?”

Priscilla, judge and presenter of Drag Race Italia, was the protagonist of one of the monologues of the last episode of Le Iene.

Priscilla of Drag Race Italia at Le Iene: "How scary can a man with make-up still be?"

Yesterday Hyenasin the usual space dedicated to monologuesspoke Mariano Gallo, in art Priscilla, one of the most famous Italian Drag Queens, also for her role as judge and presenter of the first two seasons of Drag Race Italia. The Neapolitan actor recounted when he, Mariano, was at odds with Priscilla, due to the way she spoke and wore make-up. Here is the text of his monologue.

How much fear can a man made up with a wig on his head who walks in very high heels still be? I say fear because it’s what we feel when faced with what we don’t know how to recognize, what we can’t understand. Therefore, that it is easier for us to fear, to distance, to condemn. Mariano was like that too: a homosexual who conceived of homosexuality as something to be lived in secret, in one’s own intimacy, because he had internalized, despite him, a form of homophobia“, says Priscilla, in the first part of the monologue, as seen in the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity.

Mariano Gallo, spoke of the contrast between him and what he believed to be just a character”Fear is that zone of apparent comfort we don’t want to leave. When you’re afraid you don’t see reality. Mariano did not see her. Marian it’s me. Mariano was at odds with Priscilla. He didn’t like her way of talking, of dressing, of behaving, he didn’t understand her. And Priscilla is me. Mariano didn’t accept the nuances, the uniqueness. He didn’t want to argue. It is only by confronting Priscilla that he finally understood how limited, mediocre, closed he was. Thanks to Priscilla, Mariano grew up. He learned to see in color but Priscilla grew up too. I grew up. And after the initial conflict Mariano and Priscilla learned to know and respect each other. To get along. Sometimes even to love each other. But for a long time in the eyes of Mariano, who is an actor by trade, Priscilla was just a character“.

In the end, Mariano and Priscilla learned to live together when Gallo realized that he and the Drag Queen are two sides of the same coin: “Over time, however, Mariano understood that Priscilla wears it on her skin and inside her all day long. Everyday. And if before Mariano and Priscilla were two sides of the same coin, day and night, who lived back to back and when there was one the other disappeared, today, however, they walk side by side. They have learned that there is no need to be afraid to know and understand. Knowledge sets you free. Now Mariano and Priscilla are holding hands and finally look together to the future“.

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