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The Last of Us 2: the new Season will be filmed in Vancouver

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The Last of Us 2: the new Season will be filmed in Vancouver

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The Last of Us fans eager for Season 2 news will now know where it’s filming: according to a new report, filming for the next batch of episodes will begin in Vancouver – although it has not yet been announced when, exactly, the work will begin.
The first season of the TV series was also filmed in Canada, but in Calgary, Alberta.

As for the filming start date, HBO hasn’t made any announcements yet, but Peter Pascal has indicated that they could start in 2023.

Regarding plans for the future, we already know that The Last of Us: Parte II it will need more seasons to be told. Neil Druckmancreator of the games and writer of the show, recently confirmed it.

Those who have explored the game will already know what harrowing events await viewers throughout all seasons of the adaptation, although we have seen the creators of the TV series take liberties; so we should expect the same from the second season.

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