Men and women, Antonella Perini and Luca Panont are expecting their first child!

The couple formed by Antonella Perini and Luca Panont met and fell in love with Men and Women and they left the program together. Now, they have announced that they are expecting their first child. Let’s see together the details of the news!

Several rumors had spread about a possible pregnancy for the couple formed by Luca Panont e Antonella Periniexited from Men and womenthe dating show of Channel 5 conducted by Maria De Filippibut it has finally become more than a gossip: the couple, in fact, has announced that she is expecting her first child!

Men and women, Antonella Perini and Luca Panont will become parents!

The couple met on the show Men and women: both part of throne over they started dating and within a few months, they decided to exit the program together and live their romance outside of the studio. In a recent interview, who asked why they decided to go out without showing anything of their knowledge in the program, Perini he replied that it was not entirely up to them, but that other characters in the programme, like Biagio DiMaro e Richard Guarnieri, took up much more space and deprived them of the opportunity to tell their stories. Seeing this, they preferred to go out and live their love away from the cameras.

And, now, their family will expand and welcome a child, whose birth – as the former lady revealed on social media –is scheduled for October. At the moment the two future parents do not know the sex of the baby and are at sea with regards to the names. Antonella she said she feels it will be a girl, so she already has a list of all-female names just in case. The former lady has revealed that she can’t wait to become a mother, because she has always had a great maternal instinct. Furthermore, she hopes that one day she, Luca and their baby will be able to move and live near the sea.

At the moment the couple lives in two different cities:

“I Udine, Luca Milano. We are thinking of moving, among many other things, definitely to the sea.”

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