Island of the famous 2023, here is the complete official cast

The official cast of the next edition of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi.

The 17th edition of the Isola dei Famosi it will come back up Channel 5 starting from Monday 17th April next. The reality show will be conducted, for the third consecutive time by Ilary Blasthe. In the role of envoy there will still be Alvin and to complement the Blasi in the studio, there will be the two commentators, Enrico Papi from Vladimir Luxuria.

Isola dei Famosi, the official cast of the new edition

The portal of TvBlog revealed the official cast of the new edition of the Mediaset reality show:

Alessandro Cecchi Paone (journalist, TV presenter) and companion Simone Antolini.

Jalissethat is to say Alessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci (singers and couple also in life)

Marco Mazzoli and Paolo Noise (radio hosts)

Marco Predolin (the TV presenter)

Christopher Leoni (Brazilian actor and model)

Cristina Scucci (former nun and singer)

Claudia Motta (model)

Andrew Lo Cicero (former rugby player)

Gian Maria Sainato (blogger)

Helena Prestes (Brazilian model)

Pamela Camassa (showgirl and actress)

Corinne Clery (host and actress)

Nathaly Caldonazzo (actress)

Silver Flower (daughter of Dario Argento and older sister of Asia)

L’Island of the Famous will be broadcast every Monday in prime time and live on Canale 5 for a total of ten appointments.

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