Beautiful Advances April 2, 2023: Taylor on alert. Something doesn’t add up

Let’s see together the Advances of Beautiful for the episode of April 2, 2023. The Plots of the episodes of the Soap broadcast on Canale5 tell us that while Hope and Ridge will continue to support Brooke, Taylor will have a strange encounter with Sheila and will begin to fear that the redhead have something in mind.

In bets Of Beautiful broadcast on April 2, 2023 give her ore 13.45 are Channel 5, Brooke will still be shaken frommeeting with Taylor. Hayes came to her to offer to help her but Logan was not happy with her at all. There their conversation it will come interrupted by Ridgewho will be surprised by this unexpected visit. Hope will join the mother shortly after and he will keep apologizing to her to have it left alone it’s at compliment her for how he is handling the situation while Liam will stay home with the kids e Douglas will repeat it to have saw his grandmother kissing Santa Claus. Meanwhile Taylorin his studio, will be found a argue with Sheila again e will be surprised that Carter is so interested in Brooke.

Beautiful sneak peeks: Brooke begs Ridge not to say anything to Taylor

Brooke is devastated by the unexpected encounter con Taylor. Logan never imagined her enemy would show up, worried about the rumors going around Forrester. There surreal discussion among its historical enemies, it was interrupted by Ridge, also amazed to see his ex-wife at his house. After the doctor leaves, Brooke will stay with her husband e she will beg him not to tell anyone anything, not even to his children. No one will have to know that she’s drinking again. The stylist will promise to keep this secret.

Beautiful Anticipations: Hope ready to do anything for her mother

Brooke e Ridge they will come joined by Hope. The girl still feels very guilty for leaving her mom alone on New Year’s Eve and she wants to assure her of her support. Young, proud of how Brooke is handling things, he will promise his mother Of keep the secret too e you keep Steffy and Thomas in the dark. Hope doesn’t know, however, that right at her house, there is someone That it could put Brooke in trouble. Douglas in fact he still hasn’t forgotten what he saw on New Year’s Eve and will come back to tell Liam to have saw his grandmother kissing Santa Claus.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Taylor annoyed by Sheila’s questions

After leaving Brooke’s house, Taylor will return to his officedove he will get another visit from Sheila. Carter will assure her that she no longer wants to ask for psychological support but that she wants to know how her family is. Then he’ll ask about Brooke e he will pretend to understand That something wrong. The doctor will be annoyed by the redhead’s questions and he’ll try to figure out why she’s so interested – almost tormented – by the blonde. Sheila will confess to her to be still very angry about the face to face had with the Logan and to think of her as a cold and heartless person, not like Taylor, capable of forgiving. The psychiatrist but he won’t let himself be duped and she will make sure that the evil one doesn’t have something in mind.

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Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.

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