Temptation Island, flashback for a former couple of the program

A former couple of Temptation Island has revealed to fans that they decided to try again after moving away. Let’s find out who it is!

A well-known former reality couple by Channel 5 Temptation Island is willing to try again: it was announced by those directly involved with a statement on social media, from their Instagram profile.

Temptation Island, flashback for an ex couple

The couple in question is the one formed by Valeria Liberati e Andrea Ciavy Maliokapis: famous couple of Temptation Island which had already caused discussion at the time of their participation in the reality show. While Set Yourself Free she had appeared very much in love and faithful, the same could not be said of him, even if in the end they had left the program together. The couple had continued dating, until in November, they announced they were splitting. The cause of the breakup had never been disclosed.

Surprisingly, however, Valeria Liberati updated fans about the backfire with Ciavyrevealing that this distance helped them to understand how much they loved each other:

“Ciavy and I were separated for a while and we had the opportunity to reflect on all those things, those situations that led to quarrels and misunderstandings. We have never been separated so much but I really needed to be alone to understand more right to do. In recent months he wrote to me, he courted me with gestures that I didn’t want to receive at the time but over time I began to like him. So, I think it served both of us to stay separate. They are almost 8 years of history and I’m that person who doesn’t run away from problems, on the contrary. I like to solve them if obviously there is still the desire and commitment on both sides. All this to tell you that Ciavy and I are trying again. We are still here… and if it goes wrong I can say that I tried to the end, without any regrets”

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