Is One Step From Heaven 7 a true story?

Is Un Passo Dal Cielo 7 inspired by a true story?

The fiction is inspired by a true story One Step From Heaven 7? The seventh season of the fiction by Rai and Lux ​​Vide kicks off on Thursday 30 March, which finds the inspector Manuela Nappi (played by Giusy Buscemi) – at the center of the series starting from this season – in the suggestive atmospheres of the Cadore mountains for eight episodes unpublished between high-altitude investigations, mysteries to be revealed and love plots.

Some wonder if UPDC draw from a true story. After all, fiction like Good morning mom – also, like One Step From Heaven, is produced by Lux Vide – they have drawn their premise from real life stories. In the case of One Step From Heaven, the fiction focused first on Pietro Thiene (played by Terence Hill) and then on Francesco Neri (who has the face of Daniele Liotti), the undisputed protagonist of the television series is its setting. Already starting from the title it is clear that it is the places in which the story is immersed that bring the story to life.

San Candido and Braies in the first five seasons, and San Vito di Cadore and the Cinque Torri starting from the sixth: these places – which really exist and, thanks to fiction, have known a remarkable boom tourism – are the fundamental premise of the fiction, on which the team of screenwriters and screenwriters (this year made up of Mario Ruggeri, Carlo Mazzotta and Alberto Vignati) build stories with a yellow background, i.e. with a trace mystery which runs throughout the season. If the episode cases represent the fictional work of the series’ writing team, the fictional locations constitute the element of truth.

Does the bear man really exist?

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During the seventh season we meet Nathan (played by Marco Rossetti), a solitary man who lives in complete autonomy in the middle of the forest. It is rare to run into him as he purposely avoids interactions with other people. His curious personal story begins when a couple of anthropologists found him alone in the forest as a child. It is said that it was a she-bear who took care of him for the first few years of his life. Subsequently Nathan learned to speak, read and write, and grew up together with Adele, the daughter of those two anthropologists.

Some may be wondering: is the story of the boy raised by bears true? The answer is… more no than yes. In Italy, a story of this kind has never been reported – or documented. So Nathan’s background is certainly not inspired by a real vicissitude. Although there are several cases of human beings (mostly children) who in the first years of life would have been raised by some wild animals – in most cases, wolves or primates -, there would be a single case that could correspond to that of Nathan of the drama.

In his book “The Riddle of the Wolf Children” published in 2008 and dedicated to the accounts of children raised by wolves – between myth and reality – the scholar Serge Aroles belies the legend of the three Lithuanian children who – between 1657 and 1694 – would have been raised by bears. In reality it would have been a single child, raised in the forests of Lithuania with the Eurasian brown bear. Once found – in the spring of 1663 – the child would have been taken to Warsaw.

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