Amara Land Preview April 1, 2023: Demir tries to kill Yilmaz!

The Advances of the Episode of Terra Amara aired on Saturday 1 April 2023 on Channel 5 reveal that Fekeli and Hunkar hoped that their children could make peace over dinner… and instead Demir shoots Yilmaz!

Thanks to advances from the Channel 5 Turkish soap opera, Bitter landwe find that, in the bet broadcast on April 1stat 14.10, Fekeli and Hunkar are planning a dinner with their families, to force Yilmaz and Demir to agree to a truce, for the sake of their wives and children. Although at first the plan seems to work, the tension becomes increasingly palpable. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the entrepreneur lets the former mechanic know that he is willing to lay down his arms, on condition that he returns his lands to him. The Akkaya goes on a rampage, reminding him of all the wrongs he has suffered. Lo Yamanoffended, he takes out his pistol and a shot goes off. Once you get home, Zuleyhawith the support of Hunkar, she makes her husband swear never to shoot first again. Meanwhile, Behice suggests Mujgan to leave her husband and to go elsewhere with the child. The aunt he understood that Yilmaz is still in love with his ex-girlfriend. After that, Zuleyha and Mujgan meet in Dr. Feriha’s office, because both need to check the status of their pregnancy. There tension between the two it is more than evident, but for the former seamstress the situation gets even worse when Yilmaz arrives.

Terra Amara Sneak Peek: Demir Shoots Yilmaz!

Fekeli and Hunkar continue to hope that can exist a future in which their children do not go to warand it is precisely to make this dream come true that they organize a dinner. During the event, despite some initial pleasantries, the tension between Yilmaz and Demir only increases. The situation, however, precipitated in the moment in which the latter tells his archenemy that he is willing to shake his hand solo in case he gives him back his lands. L’Akkayafeeling teased, it reminds him with a certain ferocity all the wrongs he has done to him since they’ve known each other. Lo Yamanfeeling offended, pulls out the gun and without thinking twice a shot explodes.

Terra Amara Previews: Zuleyha, Hunkar, Behice and Mujgan in shock!

Once back at the estate, Zuleyha, sotto shockMore for her husband’s outburst, decides to take it head on. With the support of an equally distraught Hunkar, the former seamstress asks Demir to promise that he will never again take the gun and shoot first. In the meantime, Behicebaffled as much as the two aforementioned women and as much as Mujgan by what has just happened between the historic rivals, she has some advice to give to her niece. Even though she was the one who suggested that she fight to keep her marriage going, Now lets her know he has changed my mind: she realized that her husband is still in love with Altun, therefore it would be better if she left him and went away.

Zuleyha receives another bad blow, in the Advances of Terra Amara of April 1, 2023

After the shootout between Demir and Yilmaz, Zuleyha is Mujganstill troubled by what happened and what could have happened, they meet in the hospital. Both, in facthave an appointment with Dr. Ferihaa gynecologist who must monitor the status of their respective pregnancies. The voltage between the two is palpable. The thingsMoreover, they are about to get worse drastically. The former mechanic shows up suddenlyto support Hekimoglu during the visit. La Altunseeing them together she feels her heart breaking again

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Bitter land it goes on air Canale 5 from Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm.

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