When: the interview with the director Walter Veltroni and the protagonists Neri Marcorè and Valeria Solarino

From March 30 at the cinema, Quando had its international premiere at Bif&st 2023 and brings director Walter Veltroni back to tell an invented story, already written in his novel of the same name. We interviewed the director together with Neri Marcorè and Valeria Solarino, who are the protagonists of the film.

When is the second fiction film by Walter Veltroni, which has accustomed us, in recent years, to documentaries. The director adapted his novel of the same name and told the story of Giovanni, a man who miraculously wakes up from a 31-year coma. To interpret it is Neri Marcorè, which makes him sometimes comical and sometimes melancholy, above all when he thinks of the good old days of his youth and the party. But the theme of When it also consists in the question: how can we look at the present from a new perspective, neutral, pure and far from prejudices or stupid ideas? Perhaps the answer lies in a light-hearted attitude towards one’s neighbor and the world, like that of a child.

Next to Neri Marcorèin When we find Valeria Solarinowho plays the role of a nun who has long cared for Giovanni when the man was unconscious. A beautiful relationship is established between the two, which helps Giovanni regain confidence in life and in oneself. In the cast of the film there are also Fabrizio Ciavoni, Gian Marco Tognazzi e by Olivia Corsii, and the script was written by the same Veltroni with Doriana Leondeff e Simone Lenzi.

When arrives in our theaters today with Vision Distribution, but had its preview at Bari International Film & Tv Festival in the section International previews. We at Coming Sooon have met Neri Marcorè, Walter Veltroni e Valeria Solarinoand these are our interviews:

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