Terra Amara Advances March 31, 2023: Mujgan confesses everything to Behice. Here’s how the aunt’s reaction

The Advances of the Episode of Terra Amara aired on Friday 31 March 2023 on Canale 5 reveal that Mujgan vents with Behice, who is ready to give her advice. Zuleyha and Demir, on the other hand, go to the hospital…

Thanks to advances from the Channel 5 Turkish soap opera, Bitter landwe find that, in the bet broadcast on March 31at 14.10, Mujgan confessed to Behice the reason for the trip to Istanbul, ed his fears regarding marriage to Yilmaz. The aunt reassures her niece, e spurs her to fight for her husband’s love. In the meantime, Zuleyha and Demir go to the hospital for theinauguration of the new pediatric wardwhich bears the girl’s name.

Terra Amara Advances: Mujgan’s fears…

Although she had even thought of running away or, worse, of having an abortion in the end Muggan she understood that she wanted to stay and, above all, that she didn’t want to give up the opportunity to become a mother. In fact, the doctor knows that Yilmaz has decided to stay by her sidebecause he’s determined to be a good husband and father to their baby on the way, but he can’t help but be doubtful e worried. The Hekimoglu, after all, on Also that the Akkaya never stopped loving Zuleyha, and viceversa

Terra Amara Advances: Behice’s advice for Mujgan …

After talking to Fekeli about the few certainties he has about his beloved wife and on their relationship, the young woman, now, he’s also talking to Behice about it. Mujgan informs the latter of the real reason why he made that trip to Istanbuland then informs her about all the fears she has about marrying Yilmaz. Behice listens to her with sincere compassion and, then, he gives her advice that comes from the bottom of her heart: if she really loves her husband, then should not stop believing in their love and it shouldn’t stop to fight for it!

Zuleyhe and Demir in the hospital, in the Advances of Terra Amara of March 31, 2023

While the doctor is convinced that her aunt is right when she tells her not to give up, but to continue fighting for Akkaya, the former seamstress seems to have resigned herself to her unfortunate fate. The ex-boyfriend is about to become a father, because Hekimoglu is pregnant; on the other hand, Altun herself is pregnant, but from Demir. And it is beside their respective spouses that both must remain. With this state of mind, the girl and the entrepreneur go to the hospitalto attend theinauguration of the new pediatric wardThat bears the very name of Zuleyha

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Bitter land it goes on air Canale 5 from Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm.

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