Storm of love, what happened to Paul as a child? The truth

Storm of love what happened to Paul as a child?

Love storm: What happened to Paul as a child? The passionate fans of the well-known German soap opera broadcast every day in first vision on are asking Retequattro.

In detail, the Mediaset channel broadcasts the episodes of the eighteenth season, the one that begins immediately after the exit of Maja and Florian married, happily ever after. The baton now passes to the young man Paul Lindbergboy back to the “Fürstenhof” after the end of his story with Michelle.

Once he sets foot in the large and sumptuous hotel, some first upheavals begin for him. The latter, in fact, will begin a relationship with ConstanceMaja’s half-sister, approaching at the same time a Josiee KleeYvonne’s daughter.

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It would seem that everything is under control, at least until the boy decides to accompany Constance ed Henning at the commemoration of the latter’s little sister, Manuela von Thalheimdied hit by a hit-and-run driver when she was just a child.

The vision of that photograph on the tombstone affects Paul so much that he feels bad. From that moment on, in fact, a long series of panic attacks and visions of him as a child begin which will leave our Paul truly dumbfounded. What is his subconscious trying to tell him?

Storm of love Paul’s secret revealed Storm of love Did Paul kill Manuela?

What happened to Paul as a child? To find out Josie advises him to try to remove the memory block that causes panic attacks with hypnosis. But that won’t be enough.

In fact, the truth about Paul’s secret is finally revealed only after his grandmother’s arrival at the “Fürstenhof”. More and more convinced, in fact, that between him and Manuela there is a connection, Paul asks his grandmother to explain to him how the accident in which the little girl died happened: he was the one who hit her.

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At this point the grandmother tells him about it, but then reassures him that it was her fault, she shouldn’t have let him drive.

Paul is upset and would like to tell Constanze the truth, but her grandmother is scared and ill. Paul then leaves the apartment and walks away from Constanze. Josie, however, decides to stay close to him. Will Paul’s secret eventually be discovered by all?

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