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My paper girls: Luca Lucini presents the film of his rebirth at the Bif&st

My paper girls: Luca Lucini presents the film of his rebirth at the Bif&st

It is part of the ItaliaFilmFest of the Bari International Film Festival My paper girls by Luca Lucini. The director presented it together with Maya Sansa, Neri Marcoré, Cristiano Caccamo and the young protagonist Alvise Marascalchi.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a film by Luke Luciniwhich in the early 2000s, after its debut with Three meters above the skyhad directed the clever comedies The perfect man e Love, lies and soccerand then mix the fun with the reflection in just a father o Skin enemies, released in 2016. At the time, the director had long had a dream in his drawer, and the dream was a bildungsroman set in the late 1970s in a provincial town where a family from the countryside was moving and where Tiberius, a shrewd boy, discovered his love for cinema and at the same time fell in love with a porn star. The little boy, in reality has the face of Alvise Marascalchiwhile playing his mother was Maya Sansa and his father Andrew Pennacchi. The first two were present at the Bif&st 2023 for the international preview of the film, which was also accompanied to Bari by lights, Neri Marcoré e Christian Caccamo.

Happy and very excited, Luke Lucini has something very important to say to journalists: “I consider this film my new debut, also because it is the first for which I collaborate on the screenplay and on the story in a very decisive way. I wrote it together with Mauro Spinelliwho was an outstanding screenwriter who inspired me to make films many years ago, among other things with a project of Happy Laudadioand therefore the fact of being here now, and precisely with this film, makes me think of a full circle. My paper girls had won the Solinas Prize in 2007. I had tried to make it but I couldn’t, but I must say that I’m almost glad I shot it some time later, both because I’ve matured and because it now seems to me that this story of love for cinema in theaters has a much more important meaning. I would also like to make today’s younger generation understand the way in which sex was once discovered, which clearly was completely different than today.”

In My paper girls, Tiberio’s mother, whose name is Annais an accomplished and cheerful woman who Maya Sansa he immediately found it interesting, despite the dialectal challenge: “As always” – explains the actress – “when the scripts are well written and the director has a wonderful career behind him, it’s much easier to say yes to a film. I expressed immediately my interest.I remember that I was in Paris and with Luca we spoke on the phone. I told him I was excited about the film. Then I thought: Oh God, but now I have to use the Venetian accent, or rather the Venetian countryside near Treviso! I told to Luca: ‘Either we tell the story of a Roman woman who fell in love with a boy from the Lazio countryside, or…’. He immediately reassured me: ‘Okay, okay, don’t worry now, we’ll let you take a course in Veneto’. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I realized that in that way of speaking there were notes of light comedy, a little English…”.

One of the most interesting and human secondary characters de My paper girls And Don Marcello, which represents a pillar for the small community that the film shows. Has the face of Neri Marcorè and he is a calm man, who has a distant dream and who loses his temper only when the rugby team he coaches is spectacularly wrong. Former protagonist of Whenthe actor talks about experience with Lucini: “Rugby is much more educational than football, because football has become something where you have to be a bit of an actor and a bit of a footballer. Now, if you get hit on the face, you have to put your hand on your face and then roll on the ground. I have a boundless admiration for the kids in the film. It was November when we shot, it was terribly cold, and we covered ourselves with blankets and coats while they were in shorts and T-shirts, running around and laughing. If had they been footballers, they would certainly have protested”.

Always about Don Marcello Neri Marcorè he says: “I was very passionate about the idea of ​​playing a priest and I liked the story of the protagonist and his love, lived as only in that era could be lived. It was impossible love, love without profit, without calculations , which is wonderful, because later on, as you grow up, you begin to reason: Will you want me? Won’t you want me? Should I expose myself? In that phase of life, you expose yourself and take enormous tramves, and if I were to I would go back to my adolescence only for those tramves. As for my priest with questionable hair, it seemed interesting to me that, in addition to being a religious man, he did not disdain love. Don Marcello we are ahead of our times, because in these weeks we are talking about people of the church and whether or not it is right for them to renounce their physicality and fall in love with real people and not just spiritually existing ones”.

Load of humanity is also the character of Claudio, who dresses as a woman and would like to have gender reassignment surgery. In the movie Primowho won the competition to be a postman, becomes his friend and lets him teach him the game of chess. Claudio is played by Christian Caccamowho managed to embody naturally the delicacy of the character: “It was easier than it might seem. Because the screenplay thought about suggesting the sweetness and delicacy of Claudio. An actor tends to act out the feelings, the relationships that the character he plays has with others, regardless of the costume he wears. I had a relationship of friendship, perhaps almost of love with Plumes, and then I focused more on that feeling, whether or not I was wearing a skirt and heels. Speaking of heels, I’m hell, and I swear I’ll never say to a woman again: oh well, come on, it’s 100 meters, walk’.

Yes My paper girlsthe very young Tiberius does not think that the pornstar seen secretly in the red light cinema run by the father of a friend of his school. The guy collects photos and newspaper clippings about her, which was done in the distant 70s and 80s. We raise our hand during the press meeting to ask the director and the actors if they too, as children, had a poster or a photo of a star they loved passionately in their room. Own Alvise Marascalchi he replies first, saying: “It’s never happened to me, but maybe I’m a special case, I don’t have anyone’s posters in my room, however I like going to the cinema and, while I’m watching a film, I immediately get in tune with the characters I see. I can’t say I fall in love, but I happen to admire them for what they do, for how they move, or for what they don’t do”.

Maya Sansaon the other hand, has a platonic love to confess: “It seems like something invented because I’m an actress, but it’s not like that. In my room I had the poster of Taxi Driver and I was crazy about Robert De Niro, even if he’s a bit old for me, but I had photos of him as a young man, I had this wonderful poster that made me dream, and then somewhere else I had a beautiful photo. I’m from Rome and there was a beautiful video library in Via Monserrato. He was selling some beautiful photographs. I was in fourth grade and spent hours locked in there looking for pictures and posters. I also had several photographs of Blade Runner and what fascinated me was photography. I should have been a cinematographer and not an actress, but my very good theater teacher gave me a passion for acting”.

Last words are by Luke Lucini: “We had the posters of Heather Parisi. I think a fun factor of the film is this impossible love of the young protagonist for a porn star. I chose to tell it in a romantic way, also because it represented a kind of short circuit between falling in love with cinema and falling in love with women”.

My paper girls doesn’t have a release date yet, though it’s likely to hit theaters in the fall. The movie of Luke Lucini has a distribution, and therefore his adventure certainly did not end at the Bari International Film & TV Festival 2023.