Mare Fuori, from 30 March all seasons rerun on Rai Premium from the first episode. Programming

When does Mare Fuori start on Rai Premium?

Great news for fans of Sea Out! The successful fiction by Rai restarts with all the episodes – from the first to the third season – in reply on Rai Premium.

That’s right, starting with Thursday 30 March 2023 the fiction created by Cristiana Farina co-produced by Rai Fiction e Picomedia for the direction of Carmine Elia (1-2 seasons) e Ivan Silvestrini (season 3) restarts from the beginning, thus reintroducing the protagonists of the very first episode to the last. Recall that just the lucky one Sea Out 3 concludes the broadcast with the last episode of the season broadcast on 22 March in prime time on Rai 2.

In the cast let’s review then Caroline Crescentini, Valentina Romani, Carmine Recano, Giacomo Giorgio, Nicolas Maupas along with all the other kidsIPMthe Juvenile Penalty Institute of Naples.

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So how to review the whole series from the beginning up Rai Premium dal March 30th 2023? Find below the complete programming scheduled on channel 25 of digital terrestrial.

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Antonio Orefice, Matteo Paolillo, Ar Tem in Mare Fuori, Credits by Sabrina Cirillo and Rai
Antonio Orefice, Matteo Paolillo, Ar Tem in Mare Fuori, Credits by Sabrina Cirillo and Rai

Mare Fuori on Rai Premium timetables and programming

As of Thursday, March 30, 2023 Sea Out become in reply on Rai Premium everyday, from Monday to Friday with a double episode give her ore 13:55.

The episodes of the mythical fiction are therefore transformed into an unmissable daily appointment for all fans who can’t wait to relive the tough and exciting events of the protagonists of the IPM waiting for the arrival of the now official fourth season.

Mare Fuori in streaming, where to see it

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Stream all episodes of Sea Out from the first to the third season are also available on demand su RaiPlay, the platform accessible from a browser or from apps for smartphones and tablets. If you are therefore unable to follow the live on Rai Premium, you will be able to watch the episodes of the series already broadcast on Rai 2 also for free and in streaming on RaiPlay.

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