Immaculate arrives, new psychological horror with Sydney Sweeney, Alvaro Morte and Benedetta Porcaroli

A series of names that we would hardly have imagined seeing all together in the cast of a film: Immaculate is the new psychological horror film set in Italy that is arousing a lot of curiosity even before its arrival. A project that will see several Italian names in the cast, with the film set in Italy, but whose goal is international success: the film is directed by Michael Mohan and written by Andrew Lobel. Michael Mohan and Sydney Sweeney reunite after on the set of The Voyeurs of 2021, not to mention that Mohan was already a co-creator of the TV series Everything Sucks! in 2018, a TV series that included Sydney Sweeney among the names of the cast.

There is still no certain date for the release of Immaculate, the filming of which is however already underway in Rome: it is therefore foreseeable that everything will be ready for the second half of 2023. The project will be produced by Black Bear Pictures and will see in the cast, as anticipated, a series of names that we would hardly have imagined seeing together: from the aforementioned Sydney Sweeney (who recently said she felt ‘gross’ after filming a few scenes) a Blessed Porcaroliformer protagonist of the Netflix series ‘Baby’, passing through Simona Tabasco (which shares the participation in The White Lotus with Sweeney, although the two starred in two different seasons of the series: the first for the American actress, the second for the Italian one) and again Alvaro Deathbetter known to all as ‘The professor’ in the Spanish series La Casa de Papel (The Paper House). There will also be Dora Romano and Giorgio Colangeli.

The basis of the Immaculate plot is undoubtedly particular and helps to increase our curiosity about it:

Immaculate will tell of Cecilia (Sydney Sweeney), a very devout woman, who is offered a new position in a famous Italian convent. Her arrival in the beautiful Italian countryside is interrupted when it becomes clear to Cecilia that his new home hides dark and scary secrets“.

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