Margherita delle stelle: filming is underway for Giulio Base’s biographical TV film on Margherita Hack with Cristiana Capotondi

Filming has begun on the TV biopic Margherita delle stelle, directed by Giulio Base, with Cristiana Capotondi in the role of astrophysicist Margherita Hack.

Filming has begun Daisy of the Starsa TV movie directed by Julius Base and written by Monica Zapelli con Frederick Taddia. Based on the autobiographical book “Nine lives like cats”, written by Margherita Hack together with Taddia himself, the film, on the centenary of his birth, returns an intimate and emotional portrait of the great Italian astrophysicist, a true model of emancipation and exceptional authenticity.

Margherita delle stelle: the cast

To take on the role of the protagonists Christian Capotondiwho will play the role of Margherita, and Cesare Bocci in the role of his father Roberto. Together with them Sandra Ceccarelli e Flavio Parenti, who will be the mother and Aldo De RosaHack’s husband. The film traces the life of the Florentine researcher, from an independent and curious child to a free and nonconformist girl, until she became the first woman to direct the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste. Margherita delle stelle is a Rai Fiction-Minerva Pictures production, produced by Santo Versace and Gianluca Curti, and will soon be broadcast on RAI 1.

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