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Daddy’s Friends: John Stamos Tried to Get the Olsen Twins Fired

Daddy's Friends: John Stamos Tried to Get the Olsen Twins Fired

John Stamos, the face of Jesse Katsopolis in the famous sitcom, has revealed that he had some problems on the set of Friends with Dad related to the Olsen twins that he tried to get fired.

Daddy's Friends: John Stamos Tried to Get the Olsen Twins Fired

Dad’s friendsa sitcom that aired from 1987 to 1995, is the show that brought John Stamos to be known by the general public. But what might surprise fans is that the actor tried to get fired Mary-Kate e Ashley Olsen.

In Daddy’s Friends, John Stamos wore the role of Jesse Katsopolis and remained in the hearts of many thanks to that interpretation. According to reports from Yahoo, over the years the actor has spoken of the bond created with the rest of the cast, including that with the Olsen twins.

In January 2015 the film for the small screen The Unauthorized Full House Story, which premiered on Lifetime, showed what went on behind the scenes of the famous sitcom. Within the film John Stamos (played by Justin Gaston) tries to convince the producers to fire the Olsen twins because he couldn’t see them in the role of Michelle Tanner.

Although Stamos has often talked about his relationship with the twins, it seems that the thing really happened. The actor released some statements, as reported by EW stating: “It is true that the Olsen twins cried a lot. And it was very difficult to shoot a scene. So I said, with a gesture, ‘Take them out’. It is actually 100% accurate“.

Dad's Friends poster

Dad’s Friends poster

Subsequently “the producers brought in a couple of redheads. We tried for a while but it didn’t work. So the producers brought the Olsen twins back. And this is the story“.

A few years later, after Bob Saget’s death, John Stamos revealed that he hadn’t been in contact with the Olsen twins for many years, but that he always missed them. One therefore wonders: what would the sitcom have been like without the Olsen twins?